States with fleeing populations

Massachusetts came out as the #8 state people are fleeing from in the 2014 list from Forbes.  56% more are leaving then moving in.  Connecticut finished number 5 on the list with 59% more leaving and New York finished 3rd with 61% more leaving.

Michael Graham asks the question on his blog site, why are people leaving MA.

According to his poll right now, "The crazy liberal government chases them away" leads with 49.57% and "Taxes are too high" is 2nd with 35.22% and "Not enough Jobs" is 3rd with 12.17%.

I'm not sure I agree with his poll results.  Many MA refugees move to New Hampshire and if it were the crazy liberal government chasing them away, why then do they turn around and start voting for all of the same things that just drove them away from Massachusetts when they get here?

Having lived in both New York and Connecticut (#3 and #5 on the list of states people are fleeing), I believe it's taxes driving people away.  That was what drove me out of both of those states and many I know who have moved here from Massachusetts argue the same.

As those earning and producing leave, what is going to happen to states like Massachusetts?  They can artificially inflate salaries by continuing to increase the state minimum wage but that will only result in driving away more businesses who will find the cost of doing business to be cheaper in New Hampshire or other states.

I was going to state eventually they will run out of money but Massachusetts as with many of the states in the list are already out of money.  They are the state with the 8th largest state deficit in millions right now.

What are your thoughts?