Why Should We Work

For those of you who go to work, pay taxes and struggle to keep a roof over your head, I'm going to share a couple facts.  Read them and try not to get your blood boiling.

Fact #1 The average individual income in NH is $33,969 a year.

This is a good thing because we rank #7 in the country with the national average being $30,413.

Fact #2 The average welfare payout in NH is $39,750 a year, making NH the 9th highest paying state in the country.

Think about that for a second.  The average person working in NH could see an increase of $5,781 a year by not working, sitting back and living off the rest of us.

Fact #3 The poverty rate in NH for an individual is $11,170.

In fact, poverty in NH for a family of 8 is $38,890.

So by quitting your low end job and living off the tax payers you would put yourself three times higher then the level of poverty.

Of course those wishing to live off the backs of others could fair better in most of our neighboring states.

Massachusetts ranks the 3rd highest payout state in the country coming in at $50,540 a year.

#4 Connecticut $44,370

#5 New York $43,700

# 7 Rhode Island $43,330

#8 Vermont $42,350

Of the states in the North East only Maine finished lower then New Hampshire, finished 43rd on the list averaging $13,920 a year.

What does that say about a society when we are willing to give someone who produces nothing and gives nothing to society more on average then those who do work and do produce and those who are expected to have their income taken from them to give to this first group?

And what does it say about the rest of us who are willing to vote and elect representatives who would create such a situation?