Two Americas

John Edwards was right.

When Edwards made the claim that there were two Americas many disagreed with him and blasted him for making such a claim but I hate to admit it, he was right.  Even if he was right for the wrong reasons.

He wanted to use Government to fix the two Americas which he claimed were created by big business and the rich.  What he missed was that it was actually government that created the two Americas.

If anyone wants to see evidence of this just watch the news covering the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  He was a drug addict who killed himself with heroin.

In the few days since he died the police have arrested three drug dealers and are now reporting that they are doing toxicology reports to try to identify the source of the heroin that killed him.

Meanwhile 22 people died from heroin overdoses in Pennsylvania and 5 more in Nassua, NY.  How many arrests were made in their cases?

Heroin killed a record 121 people in Nassau and Suffolk in 2012 and at least 120 last year -- the two highest totals ever recorded, data show.

How many of these deaths resulted in arrests or ongoing investigations?

Celebrities in America aren't treated like you and I, they are treated like royalty.  Some of it is money but it isn't a rich vs. poor as much as "who is" vs. who isn't.