Are we free

This week I had the opportunity to listen to Senate candidate Bob Smith speak at the Merrimack Republican meeting.  During his engagement with us he brought up an interesting point about central planning, government is slowing taking over the running of our lives.

He was able to highlight this pointing out the lie Obama originally made that if we like our insurance we can keep it, which taken at face value is lending the credibility to the concept that the government has any say in what we do in the first place.

Now we know we can keep our insurance only if it meets the criteria set out by the government in the first place.  So it's we can keep our insurance if they say it's ok.

That's a slippery slope and we've already started down it.

We already accept that we can eat what we want... if the government says its ok.  We've seen certain foods (trans fats) banned, sodas larger then a certain size banned etc.

We now accept that the government can tell us what we must have in our insurance policies, even when the don't apply to us.  For those who believe this started with Obamacare, it didn't.  We allowed government to control our choices once auto insurance was made mandatory in certain states.

Fewer and fewer of our choices are actually being left to us.  Others who feel they are wiser and smarter then the rest of us seek to continue to limit our choices to keep us from harm or making the wrong choices in life, but isn't that what freedom is?

If we are not free to make both bad and good choices are we truly free at all?