Hate in New Hampshire

There has been a lot about racism and hate in the news lately with Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Of course the media hasn't touched the fact that Sterling is a life long Democrat supporter with an over 20 years record of donating heavily to left leaning candidates.

Then there are the stories about rancher Cliven Bundy being a racist, in which the media chose to do a little creative editing to help build their case.

Even with the massive amounts of race baiting going on and false cries of racism, its hard to argue there isn't true racism still in existence.  But the question I had is whether or not it existed in New Hampshire.

I'd heard stories from a waitress who worked with someone who she insisted was a white supremisist and told me tails of skin heads coming in and requesting this particular waiter who would make sure only the right people would handle their food but I assumed this person was a rare case.

As it turned out though there are currently 7 hate groups in NH.

Aryan Nations
Crew 38

IHM Media
Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Red October

Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


What I also found shocking from the above link to the "hate map" was which state currently supports the most hate groups.  When you think of Nazi groups (outside of the Illinois Nazi's in the Blues Brothers) or hate groups, the stereotype is deep southern republicans.  You picture someone like Cliven Bundy because that's who the media paints haters to be.

But which state in Reality is home to the most hate groups?  Liberal California, sporting 77 active hate groups.

Massachusetts is home to 12 hate groups including two black sepremisist groups.

I don't think hate is ever going to truly go away but it's clear when you look at the facts, it's not the clear cut picture of the racist uneducated white trailer trash from the south the media loves to paint but it's everywhere in every circle.  Hate is not limited to poor white Walmart shoppers but can come in the form of liberal democrat billionaries or people of any color.

That said, the fact that New Hampshire houses seven such groups and our neighbors to the south house twelve and they are for the most part unheard of beyond rumors I think shows how far our society has come.  Most people will not tolerate or accept hate so those who do are the ones forced to hide instead of those they hate.