Hillary And Old Republicans

How old is too old to be president?

Ronald Reagan was our oldest president and to this day Democrats continually argue the he was far too old to be president.

When McCain ran, one of the leading arguments against him was that he was too old to be president.  The same argument was made over Bob Dole and Ron Paul, claiming they were also too old.  A quick search on the internet and you can find the same arguments being made for any number of candidates for senate or congress.

In past elections Democrats were always the first to question age.

Now on forums and in chat rooms they cannot contain the excitement they have to push forward Hillary Clinton for president.  But if elected at this point she will be just a couple months different in age then Reagan.

The few rare times I've seen Hillary's age brought up, Democrats quickly go into attack mode refusing to answer.  "Republicans never questioned age before when they pushed forward older candidates?"  they typicallic fire back.

They are right, Republicans unlike Democrats don't look at age, race, gender, religion etc.  They support the candidate with the best experience for the job regardless.

In Hillary's case, she can't even name any of her accomplishments that would make her the best for the job.  Given that, its hard to argue that she is the most qualified Democratic Party candidate for the office of president.

That aside, isn't also fair to hold your own candidates up to the same standards and same lines of questioning you target the other party with?

Democrats knew in the past they couldn't win with comparing experience.  Look at Obama compared to McCain.  McCain had more qualifications hands down.  Obama's only experience was as a state senator in which he voted present more often then not.  So what did they do?  They fired back at his age, making it the center argument against why he shouldn't be president.

It's going to be interesting watching Hillary run again.  Many of these same arguments Democrats used against Republicans for they the Republican shouldn't be elected are the same arguments they themselves are going to have to look inward at and try to come up with an answer to.  Then again, with the liberal media do you really think the questions will be asked in the first place?