Who Wants More Gun Control

If ever there was a story that clearly shows the breakdown of who actually wants more gun control it's the story found HERE out of South Carolina.

Here it is in a nutshell:

The family of an armed robber is calling for stricter gun control after the thief was shot and killed holding up a local Waffle House.

The customer who shot and killed the thief was a legal gun owner with a concealed permit.

I found several versions of this story covered by several news sources and not a single one mentions whether or not the gun the criminals used was legally purchased or not.

So following the logic of the family of the criminals, if we had stricter gun laws who exactly would they protect?  The two thugs who most likely already had violated gun laws in purchasing and brandishing their gun while in the act of violating other laws, robbing a Waffle House?  Or the person who already followed the laws in place when purchasing and training on the weapon he legally had and used to defend not only himself but the other people who were in the process of being robbed and threatened by the criminals?

Gun laws don't protect people who already follow the laws.  They protect those who don't because they know their victims wont be able to fight back.