Interesting Times To Be A Democrat

It must be interesting times to be a Democrat.

From discussions with several of my left leaning friends they are all but convinced that Democrats will come back in a big way in the 2016 elections.  What's interesting is they feel this way regardless of whether they are supporting Hillary or Bernie as we all know, either side will end up voting for the winner of the primary simply because they have a D next to their name and the alternative would just be too terrible to consider.

But take a step back a minute and look at the reality Democrats are currently living in.

After years of crying out that Reagan was too old to be president and candidates like McCain, Dole, or even Ron Paul were too old, Democrats are now looking at their front runner Hillary Clinton.  Yet she is just a few months different in age from Reagan when he was president.  And Bernie Sanders is six years older then she is, which would make him the oldest president ever should he somehow get elected.

In the case of Hillary, she openly supported the wars in the middle east that the Democrats railed against back in the mid 2000s leading to their taking control of all three branches of government starting in 2006 and climaxing with the 2008 election of Obama.  Of course we are now seeing ground troops going back into Iraq and are hearing plans for escalations due to the deterioration under Democratic leadership.  So she can no longer play the anti war card.

The majority of Americans view Hillary as untrustworthy.  According to a poll released by Quinnipiac University poll, 54% of Americans see her as untrustworthy with only 38% feeling she could be trusted.  And even in her defense, after it was proven in the most recent Benghazi hearing that she knowingly lied to the American people, blaming the attack on a video (which lead to the arrest of an innocent film maker) when she know and was confiding in others including her daughter that the attack was a terrorist attack, Democrats simply argue that this is no big deal.

Both Hillary and Bernie are pushing for Billions in new spending.

And the best attacks they have right now against Republicans are that their party is internally fighting because some Republicans are acting like Democrats and caving in on all the out of control spending our current Democratic president wants.

This is a winning ticket?

If they do fall back on Sanders over Hillary, here you have an admitted Socialist who is pushing for more spending then we've ever seen, wants to tax religions, and openly admits to wanting to ban guns and limit the 2nd amendment.

But yet the "fringe" Republicans who actually do support less spending, less government, seek to balance the budget and defend our constitutional rights are the ones who are somehow viewed as extreme?  And it's the Republicans who should be worried leading into the 2016 elections?