Hassan And Dangerous Gun Bills

I came across a link on Facebook about Governor Hassan's pledge to veto the "Dangerous gun bill".  In the link, that you can read HERE, it states the following:

Governor Maggie Hassan pledged today to veto a dangerous gun bill that would let people carry hidden, loaded handguns in public across our state, without any permit whatsoever.

Sure sounds scary.  Just anyone can walk around with a hidden gun.

Of course once you consider facts and use logic, this "dangerous gun bill" no long seems so scary.

Consider the following:

1) You can open carry right now without a permit so the same scary people who they are worried about can still walk around, only they will have those same scary guns exposed so they can see them.

2) SB 116 does not change any laws regarding the purchase of weapons.  Think hard about this point.  SB 116 does NOT change who can purchase a weapon.  So if the fear is that someone is going to purchase a gun and use it in a crime, this bill does not change that if they are legally eligible to purchase a weapon in the first place.

3) If the scary person with the gun was going to use it in a crime, what makes you think they would follow the law preventing them from hiding the weapon?

I fail to see in any way how preventing a legal gun owner, who passed all requirements of purchasing a weapon, from being able to conceal carry is in any way endangering anyone.  It isn't preventing the person from purchasing the weapon in the first place.  It doesn't even prevent them from carrying it in public if they do so openly, which can be done without any kind of permit.

Where is the danger?  As I already pointed out, if the person was someone you needed to worry about because they intended to commit a crime, do you honestly think they would hesitate to break another law by hiding the weapon they were going to use in the crime?