What We All Believe

Recently one of my left of center frends shared out an article on Daily KOS highlighting a list from the Charlet Observer answering the question "why do you support such a liberal agenda".

I tracked down the original article since Daily KOS picked only a handful of the list for their reprint, you can read it in full HERE.

I'd like to share some of that list with my own comments.

We believe that everyone is created equal.

Why then would you support a party that believes in treating people differently based on the color of their skin in things like college admissions or job considerations?

We believe that children should not bear responsibility for the sins of their parents.

So the answer is to murder them before they are born so they don't ever have a chance at life?

We believe people should not be treated as lesser citizens, with fewer rights, because of whom they love.

Let me preface by saying I support same sex marriage.

That said, same sex couples are not denied rights.  They have the same rights as everyone else.  They can marry someone as defined by laws (man and woman) so technically they have the same number of rights.  What they want are different rights, or they want the laws changed.  That's far different then claiming you have fewer rights.

We believe a thriving city, state and nation rests to a great degree in the quality of its public schools, and that every child deserves a dedicated, dynamic teacher, regardless of what ZIP code that child lives in.

Then why not support school choice?

Not ever child learns the same but yet we force all children into the same school systems that teach one single learning style.  And if kids live in an area with a failing school, unless that children's parents can afford the option of a private school they are denied the chance at a dedicated, dynamic teacher.

We believe discrimination is wrong in every instance.

I will believe that when the left wing begin to reject the race-baiters like Sharpton who look to divide us at every chance they can.

We believe in consistency, so if you are going to drug-test recipients of public assistance, drug-test them all, including the corporate chieftains who are the biggest beneficiaries.

Consistency?  Sort of like requiring IDs to cash checks, drive, or purchase weapons then you should also show an ID when you vote?  Or do they only support consistency when it supports their views.

And while we are at it, let's say we did begin drug testing the chieftains who's companies receive government money in any way and let's assume one of the biggest beneficiaries tested positive.  Liberals are ok with the funding being cut to a company even if it results the loss of thousands of jobs while the Chieftain keeps his or her job?  Sorry but pushing an individual vs punishing a corporation which translates to innocent people being punished instead of the guilty party is not a form of consistency, it's a form of idiocy.

We believe that police officers should act professionally, under incredibly difficult circumstances, regardless of a suspect’s race.

Fair statement.  Shouldn't reporters also be expected to act professionally reporting the fact about the news instead of spreading rumors like the "hands up don't shoot" which turned out to be a complete lie?

We believe taxes should be kept as low as possible while still providing a sound safety net for the neediest, a robust education for all, decent health care for the elderly and the destitute, and other basics.

Keep taxes as low as possible?

After falling out of my chair in laughter it took me a minute to compose myself enough to respond to this one.

Part of keeping taxes low is keeping spending to a responsible level.

Also there is a major difference between providing a safety net and providing handouts for the lazy who are unwilling to do for themselves.

We believe politicians of any party should keep their promises, avoid the appearance of personal gain from the public trust, and look out for the general welfare, not that of any one special interest.

When the left begins to hold their own to this standard then I will believe it but when you have a president who ran on being the most open administration in history who has been everything but and the left doesn't say boo about it... sorry, not buying this.

We believe offenders have paid their price when their sentence is up and should be helped to assimilate back into society. And that that’s better for the community than neglecting them and watching them commit another crime.

This is coming from the same party that punishes the innocent by stripping away rights from everyone because of a few examples of those doing wrong.

We believe there are peace-loving Muslims.

As do most people, however most people can also acknowledge that while not every Muslim is a terrorist, every terrorist so far has been a Muslim.

We believe in the separation of church and state.

Yes but do you believe in freedom OF religion as granted by the first amendment.

We believe if you’re a fan of a politician solely because he has a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after his name, then you’re not paying attention.

I agree.

We believe we have only one planet, and we should protect it for our grandchildren.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/taylor-batten/article21108579.html#storylink=cpy

Again I doubt you will find anyone who disagrees with this statement.  That said, just because something feels like your doing good doesn't mean you actually are.

Now let me come back with my own list of why I lean to the right.

I believe we should follow all of the Constitution, not just the parts we agree with, and I believe we should follow it as it was written and intended, not how we can twist the words to fit our current definitions.

I believe that all life matters.

I believe that there is nothing wrong in showing pride in our country or our flag.

I believe a government that takes 30% or more of anyone's income is taking too much and needs to re-evaluate where it is spending money.

I believe that American people are good people who will help each other and those in need and that charity does not need to be forced for us to give those who are most destitute a hand up.

I believe that Americans know what's best for themselves and do not need government to make choices for them or to tell them what they can and cannot do.

I believe in personal responsibility.

I believe that most police officers are good people who do act professionally.

I believe that there is evil in the world and that our country does need to protect itself from those evils.   And there is evil on a local level and while we'd love our police officers to be super people who can stop all crime before it happens, I realize they can't and therefore good people need the ability to protect themselves.

I believe that politicians who lie and show they have no integrity should be removed from office and replaced.

I believe the media has an obligation to uncover the truth about political scandals regardless of which party the politician is a member of and to report that truth so people are informed.

I believe educated voters are better voters and our country would be better off if people knew who and what they were actually voting for instead of basing their opinions on 30 second sound bytes.

I believe the founding fathers were right to set limits on the powers of the federal government (Article I Section 8 of the Constitution) and we'd be far better off if our federal government stuck to those limits and left the rest to state and local governments.

I believe that any time you take from those who produce and give to those who don't you are creating a formula for failure.

I believe the success of a country should be how many of its citizens do not need anything from its government, not the other way around.

I believe nothing the government gives out is truly "free".

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/taylor-batten/article21108579.html#storylink=cpy