Why Is America Falling Behind

We continue to hear how America is failing because we aren't educating our youth.  Our schools and colleges aren't producing the top notch students needed to compete in the global market.

Perhaps the story found HERE explains why.

The NFL scandal known as "Deflategate" will be the subject of an undergraduate course at the University of New Hampshire.

Unless you plan to work for the Patriots football team or perhaps ESPN please tell me what companies in America are going out of their way trying to hire new talent who can show they've taken a class in studying Tom's deflated balls.

We have spent more time as a country discussing the amount of air in footballs then any bill being discussed at Capital Hill.  And more time interviewing members of a football team and looking at who knew what and when then of any of the scandals surrounding any of the candidates from either party running for president.

We need to get our priorities straight.