Use Of God In The Pledge

How many times have you heard Liberals bring up the fact that the words "under God" were not added to the pledge until 1954?

The pledge itself was written in 1892 but wasn't officially adopted by Congress until 1942.

The first occurrence of the pledge being used in a school was October 12, 1892 during a Columbus Day celebration.

Keeping in mind that the words under God were not added until 1954, a curious pledge was found on black board from 1917 that was found under the new black boards of an Oklahoma city school.  The blackboard contained the following version:

"I give my head, my heart, and my life to my God and One nation indivisible with justice for all."

Not only does this 1917 version of the pledge contain the reference to God but the pledges takers pledge their head, heart and life to God before country.

Something to think about.