80s Children Are Offensive People

I'm an offensive person.

I don't intend to be but after reading a couple recent articles about people who have been offended and shocked by things I thought were ok to own I've come to the conclusion that I must be a bad person.  In fact I've come to the conclusion that every single child who grew up in the 80s are now horrible offensive people.

Example A, growing up in the 80s I owned Dukes of Hazard toys with the southern flag on it.  I didn't see the harm in such a thing.  I also own some 80s and 90s video games that had Nazi Swastikas in them.  Games like Castle Wolfenstei.

Clearly such items are so offensive that police need to be involved as in the case found HERE.

Local police received a complaint when a shopper discovered Nazi and Confederate merchandise at a popular flea market last weekend, according to Chief William Wright.


“I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he said. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers,” he said, referring to the Nazi system of tattooing numbers on prisoners.

Just having such items on a table in a flea market caused this poor man to shake and nearly vomit.

And even the Mayor and head of the local NAACP had to look into whether or not allowing such things to be sold in their town was even legal.

Jason Teal, president of the Meriden-Wallingford NAACP, said he was not familiar with the flea market and had not heard any complaints about the merchandise being sold there.

“It’s difficult because it’s on private property and it’s considered free speech,” Teal said.

The man also contacted Mayor William W. Dickinson Jr., who immediately asked Wright to determine if any laws were broken.

“I had to check with the chief over what is actionable and what isn’t,” Dickinson said. “Unless something violates state or federal law, there’s no jurisdiction for government to do anything. We had to ask, is it something controlled by law?

Wow.  It's "considered" free speech so there's no jurisdiction but perhaps it can be "controlled by law" so poor easily offended people are not left shaking as they walk rows of tables of old happy meal toys or used VHS tapes.

But it doesn't end there. 

Example 2, young women aren't free from offense around me because I'm a huge Star Wars fan.  I have boxes of Star Wars toys including several of Princess Leia toys.  Some of those toys are of "slave Leia" representing her in a metal bikini and in chains as she was in Return of the Jedi.

Clearly that is equally offensive as pointed out in the story found HERE.

A trip down the toy aisle had a local dad doing a double-take. He's furious over a popular Star Wars action figure sold in stores in our area.  He says it's not appropriate for young children.


We caught up with Fred Hill and his daughters at the Target Store in Deptford shopping for their birthday gifts.

The single dad was shocked to see this on the toy aisle shelf. A Hasbro made Star Wars Black Series action figure of Princess Leia wearing what the box described as a slave outfit.

"That’s pretty inappropriate,” he said, "I got 2 daughters I don't need seeing that crap."

The toy features scantily clad version of Princess Leia complete with a chain around her neck.

I have a daughter and I not only have let her see "that crap" but I own it in my house.  And not only do I have the toys but I even own a Christmas ornament that I allow my daughter to hang on our tree every year.

I don't shelter my children from such horrible things.  So clearly I'm a bad person as is every other 80s parent who dared to allow their young children to watch such a filthy movie as Return of the Jedi.

What's next?  Will I find out that dressing up in punk rock clothing as I also did back in the 80s is also bad.... oh shoot, it is.