Government Employee Reality vs Our Reality

I read a story in the Union Leader that has pushed me one more step along the path of believing there are two realities. One that regular people live in and one that government employees live in.

In the reality that most of us live in, you go to work and you do your job. If you screw up they fire you. Heck, sometimes even when you don’t screw up you can get fired. I’ve seen someone who after their boss left, the new boss just did not like them and let them go for no more reason then they just didn’t like them. You move on and look for another job. As many of my colleges in the IT industry found after the dot com crash of the late 90s sometimes you can’t always find work doing what you do before so you adjust and move on. Sometimes that requires learning new skills and starting over.

In government it’s a different reality all together. If you screw up, say by calling your boss “a little f***” and discuss that he may be having affairs with other employees, government employees do not see that as reason to be fired. And when you’re fired from government, unlike the rest of us who move on and when we can’t find other work we adjust, in government world being fired equates to “essentially the death penalty for their careers."

This is the case for four government employees from Hooksett. They’ve allegedly discussed openly about rumors of their boss sleeping around with another employee and one even openly admitted she called her boss “a little f***” yet they don’t see this as justification for their being fired. They have gone on to demand hearings wasting taxpayer dollars to discuss whether they should be given their jobs back. Two of them were even already offered their jobs back with heavy “disciplinary action” which they referred to as “distasteful”.

What an insult to the tax payers of Hooksett that they should have to put up with such behavior.