One sized fits all education

Is the Government run monopoly school system a necessary evil? That question was raised in the feedback of one of my other articles so I hope to dive into that a little here in hopes of getting a debate started.

Let’s start by looking at a statement by the 1976 Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman. “ If the only motive was to help people who could not afford education, advocates of government involvement would have simply proposed tuition subsidies.

Clearly he raises a good question, why exactly do we need the government running the school systems? Clearly privately run education systems work, just look at our colleges. The US has some of the best colleges in the world and with the wide range we allow students to pick the college that best fits their educational requirements.

Monday the telegraph ran a story demonstrating the fact that one size fits all education doesn’t work.

Parents sued the school system because the school was not supplying their special ed child with what they felt was the necessary educational program.

“[Judge] McAuliffe wrote in his decision that while special education students are required to have access to the general curriculum, there is no obligation to develop an IEP that maximizes a child’s educational benefits.

Read that last part of the ruling again “there is no obligation to develop an IEP that maximizes a child’s educational benefits”. Can it get any clearer why government schools are not the answer?

Here we have parents who are forced via taxes to pay thousands of dollars into an education system they feel does not meet the needs of their child and now they have a government court system that admits it is not the requirement of the education system to maximize our children’s education benefits. How can anyone read that and feel allowing parents to take the tax dollars they would otherwise pay into a school system they are displeased with and focus that money on what they as parents feel is in their child’s best interest is not the right thing to do? Clearly our legislators feel it’s not right for parents to have say over what’s best for their own kids because they refuse to pass a voucher or tax credit system to expand school choice.

And the sad thing is the only ones the legislators hurt are the poor and middle class by doing this. The rich can afford to pay the taxes and then tuition of a private school on top of it. Most middleclass and none of the lower class can, so if the school fails to meet their child’s needs they suffer.