Calling All Independents

Are you like most Americans fed up with federal politics? Do you look back at the ’04 election between Bush and Kerry and view it as a choice between a punch in the face or a kick below the belt? Are you so fed up with either the Clinton’s out right criminal behavior or Bush’s out right stupidity that you’ve joined the growing number of Americans who have left their party and become an independent? Are you tired of apologist and partisans who will say anything and do anything to defend their party of choice? If so then read on, this article is for you!

Over the past 4 decades more and more people have grown tired with Democrats and republicans. If you look at party registration over the years, in the 70s 21% more people were registered Democrat then Republican, in the 80s 11% more were registered Democrat, in the 90s it dropped to only 7% and now using date up to ’06 only 6% more are registered Democrat. And what is interesting in this is that during all this time Republicans have held steady at around 30% give or take (currently they are at 27%). So if Republicans are holding steady at 30% and Democrats over the years have dropped from nearly 50% to close to 30% themselves, where are the people going? Independent! More and more Americans are defining themselves as either independent or associated with a 3rd party which is great but it doesn’t solve the problem we continue to find ourselves in every election year and that’s faced with the punch or the kick. In reality neither is a good choice but we allow ourselves to be faced with it by leaving the primaries up to the 5 to 10 percent of party extremists from either group. We let them pick the punch and the kick we are left with. I’m asking those of you who are fed up to get together and this time register and vote in the primary. Rather then pick a party then look at their choices I’m suggesting something different. Look at ALL the choices and then pick a party.

If you like I value the US constitution look up the voting records of everyone running and find out which votes violate the constitution. The US Constitution party keeps track and rates candidates. And in fact there is only ONE candidate from either party who actually has a 100% constitutionally correct voting record. In fact there is only 1 person on the federal level right now who has a 100% perfect constitutionally correct voting record. That’s Ron Paul running on the Republican side. I would recommend that ALL independents who find themselves fed up with Republicans and Democrats alike take a look at Ron Paul and read up a little about him. He unlike many others actually knows how to say no to unnecessary and unconstitutional government spending.

If you’re a socialist, or support big unnecessary government I’m sure there are candidates you too would find attractive (maybe Hillary "we're going to take things away from you for your own good" Clinton). Regardless of your point of view, the point I am stressing here is that unless you help make sure a valid choice is put before you in the ’08 election we may very well find ourselves just as we did in ’04 looking to see which of the two choices was the lesser of the two evils or which would do the least harm in the long run to this country.  When it gets that far either choice will cause harm... let's for once try to see if we can stop from getting to that point.