Disappointed with the Union Leader

Yesterday my wife and I happened to glance at the Union Leader and were a bit shocked by it's front page.  Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of 9-11.  We still have boots on the ground over seas with troops dying on a nearly daily basis.  Throughout the state memorial services were held in honor of those who died and those continuing to die on our behalf.  Even the flip side of the coin had news in that several of the 9-11 conspiracy groups choose yesterday to have their own memorials or protests.  So in all of what is going on I would expect the major papers of NH to lead with a story somewhat related to the events going on, what did Union Leader lead with?  A story about a high school kid upset because the school doesn't want her to use a picture with a flower in her hands due to their no prop policy.

I'm sure this is a major story for that little girl and her family but front page news on the anniversary of 9-11?  Shame on the editors of the Union Leader!