Follow the Money to Federal Coruption

I found an interesting article recently discussing a bill with $1 million earmarked by Democrat John Murtha going toward the "Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure".  Republican Jeff Flake questioned if the center actually exists as he was unable to find a web site for it or any information about such a group.  Democrat Peter J. Visclosky chairman of the spending subcommittee in charge of the project responded "At this time, I do not know.  But if it does not exist, the monies could not go to it."

If it doesn't exist the monies could not go to it?  That's an answer???

Flake's challenge of money going toward a group that may or may not even exist fell flat with a vote of 326 to 98.

The bill itself (HR 2641) passed 312 to 112.

 Now here's where it really gets interesting... investigating further into what exactly the "Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure" actually is, it turns out that it is part of a corporation called Current Technologies Corporation (CTC).  Now CTC is also listed by Washington Technology magazine in the list of top 100 government contractors.

So far fairly interesting right?  Here's the real kick in the pants... the CTC board and directors nearly have all contributed to Murtha's campaigns and their president, Daniel DeVos, is part of the PMA group heavy funders of Murtha's campaigns.

Now in all of this you may ask are our own state representatives questioning this as Rep. Flake is?  Are they watching out for where our money goes?  Surely Rep Shea Porter and Rep Hodes would do the right thing here and question this right?  NOPE!  They both voted in support of this bill and against Flake's trying to remove the earmarked money!