Get Off The Bus

Reported in the telegraph today, Nashua is looking to install an alarm system on school buses to assure kids are not left on the bus.  What makes me wonder about this is that the article goes on to say this is not a problem here but it is in other areas of the country.  David Rauseo the Director for Transportation even admits that they currently have a policy strictly enforced that bus drivers check their buses at the end of each shift.

despite this non existent problem, First Student Transportation is looking to install an alarm at the tune of $350 a pop for 128 buses.  This totals up at $44,800.

Roughly $45k for a problem that doesn't even exist here!  If anyone wonders why the cost of education continues to climb out of control this is a perfect example.  Not to mention this is just one more reason why education competition needs to be pushed for.  If you are concerned your child wont get off the bus then you can send them to a school which uses such technology on their buses.  Maybe you can find a school that takes the next step mentioned in the article and uses the technology to scan kids as they board and exit the bus and put them in a complete police state.

Here's an idea, how about actually spending the $45k to educate our kids instead of paying for solutions to problems we don't even have!