Has Anyone Seen My Freedom

We claim to be the Land of the Free, our state Motto is Live Free or Die, but I have to ask am I free?

This weekend I cut up some wood and lit a small fire in a contained outdoor fire place.  After a short time a fireman pulled up and insisted I put it out since I did not get the government's permission.  Inquiring further I found that I even need their permit to burn in my little $20 chiminea that I picked up from the Christmas Tree Shop.  It's so small I can hardly fit any sticks longer then 6 inches into it.  Yet in order to use it I need to have the fire department come to my house and inspect it then I must pay them a fee so they'll issue me permission to use my own chiminea on my own property burning my own bits of wood.

Someone I was talking to online has a dog which was recently taken to a vet.  The private vet was required by law to turn that person in  to the government because they did not have permission from the government in the form of a licence to own that dog.  Ironically if they refuse to pay the fee to the government to allow them permission to keep their dog the government will take that dog away and put it to death for lack of being able to find it a loving home as they do with countless other animals year after year.

Another person I know saved their money wisely.  They worked very hard to manage to come up with enough money to fix up their home a bit.  Before being able to even work on their home their first needed to apply for permission from the government.  In some cases the government refuses to give permission to people to make changes to their own homes.  But in this case they were permitted but once completing the improvements they were penalized by the government for improving their home, while their income never changed and they were still the same people they were before investing in their home they were punished my having to come up with more annually in property taxes.

Recently I flew to another state.  Before even entering the waiting area of the airport I was required to show my papers, submit to dehumanizing searches which even required me to remove portions of my clothing.  I even had to have my person property searched.  And I pay a fee for the privilege of what I was required to go through.

I am required to report back to the government annually on how much I made that year, I must show my papers in which I had been given their permission to operate my own car (which I also must register with the government), I must supply my government issued ID number when I start a job (who are also required to report back on various things).  And if we refuse to report, pay or submit to inspection by the government agents we are fined more or in some cases tossed in jail.

30 to 50 percent of my pay is taken from my against my will to in many cases fund programs I object to and that I can find no mention of within the duties of the federal government covered under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.

We cheer restrictions placed upon local businesses telling them what legal activities are permitted within their doors.  We make it a crime for people to choose what they wish to put in their bodies or what level of safety they choose to subject themselves to.  We require permission to do things on or with our own property.  We disallow two consenting adults to strike financial agreements for services or in games.  We think of it as a victory if government extends permission to couples to determine what they wish to call themselves when instead it should be left up to whatever religious institution they partake in and government should have nothing to do with it.

We subject ourselves to all of this and yet we still think we are free.

 Webster's dictionary defines free as:

enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination


enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another

I therefore submit we have long ago stopped being a free country and therefore we should either seek to change this or submit to calling ourselves the Land of the Dominated and perhaps even change our state motto to say Live Dominated or Die because we are NOT free, we are not even free to do what we want on our own property or with our own bodies.