Help Find a Cure Willingly

Due to recent situations in my personal life I wanted to use this as an opportunity to talk about cancer charity. Currently cancer is the second leading cause of death in adult just behind heart disease (I've seen at least one reporting suggesting it has past it and become the leading cause). Cancer doesn't discriminate, man or woman, child or adult... there are forms of cancer that effect them all.

I can go on and on posting links to sites talking about different types of cancer, early detection methods, etc but I'm sure if you are interested enough you can find this all out for yourselves.   Instead what I'd like to talk about is what to do about it.
Government has been debating how best to force donations from your pockets to the causes they see best such as the "Childhood Cancer Act of 2007" and while any money going toward a cure  is good I would much rather see people willingly give.  The idea behind this bill is well intended but forcing anyone to fund a charity they reject regardless of how good the intention is wrong.

I'm asking everyone reading this to WILLINGLY write a check to any number of charity groups working to find a cure.  Groups such as Charity Navigator ( can help make sure the group you are giving to manages that donation money in the most effective way, something the government has proven time and time again it cannot do.

Some outstanding cancer charities they list are:

The V Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc

American-Italian Cancer Foundation 

These are all four star rated charities that make sure your donations go toward what they were intended for.  Instead of looking for the government to force money from the pockets of the elderly living on fixed incomes or families struggling to get by (and most likely wasting the vast majority of what they take) I'm asking you all to cut a check today for $5, $10, $50 or whatever you can afford to help beat this killer.  Let's do this because we want to, not because we have to!