Help Me, I Agree with Kucinich

I hate myself for saying this but I agree with Dennis Kucinich. After listening to the debates and listening to the feedback from both sides I found the most telling and truthful statement of the night to be one from Kucinich.  Not getting into a debate about wether the Iraq war is right or wrong, let's stick to one single point... Demcrats won saying they would stop the war.  Which leads us to his statement:

"There's a teachable moment here, and a teachable moment is that this war belongs to the Democratic party because the Democrats were put in charge by the people in the last election with the thought that they were going to end the war. Well, they haven't. They have to stop the funding. And I certainly am urging all of my colleagues here, don't give them any more money. The money's in the pipeline right now, enough to bring the troops home."

He's right and in saying this he may be the only Democrat who's learned something from the lesson learned from Cindy Sheehan.   Democrats ran and won in '06 by opposing the war and saying they would be the ones who could get us out.  So far not only have they NOT gotten us out but they've continued to fund the war.  Hodes and Porter our NH Democrats  who won by a strong stance against the war have both voted Yea on funding bills.  Of course you don't see their party calling them on this out right hypocracy (with the exception of Cindy who was out right used by the Democrats).

Democrats don't learn and will go on funding the war now saying they'll stop it if elected president.  They continue to say it's Bush's war as Hillary labled it even though they now contain the power to stop it.

What's that old saying again?  Fool me once...