New NHLA Rating: Dereliction of Duty

In a press release this week, the NHLA ( has released a new rating in addition to the A through F and Constitutional Threat ratings they already give to state politiicans.

 Since some reps do not show up or in some cases show up but refuse to take a stand on the hottest of issues they were not able to be adiquatly rated.  This new rating allows for that showing which reps are not doing the jobs they were elected to do.

 At this time the follow 12 state reps have been given this dubious honor:

Peter Cote (D): Hillsboro District 25, ward 7, serving in Nashua
Michael DesRoches (D): Hillsboro District 10, ward 3, serving in Manchester
Michael Farley (D): Hillsboro District 15, ward 8, serving in Manchester
Robert Forsing (R): Rockinghan District 2, serving in Raymond
Bruce Heald (R): Belknap District 3, serving in Meredith
Stephan Johnson (D): Hillsboro District13, ward 6, serving in Manchester
George Katsiantonis (D): Hillsboro District 17, ward 10, serving in Manchester
Suzanne Laliberte (D): Grafton District 10, serving in Enfield
Thomas Loll (D): Cheshire District 6, serving in Marlborough
Benjamin Moore (R): Rockingham District 14, serving in Seabrook
Maureen Nagle (D): Hillsboro District 15, ward 8, serving in Manchester
Kay Oppenheimer (D): Strafford District 3, serving in Strafford

I guess the question we must ask ourselves as we look over this list, is it worse to have a politician who doesn't show up and do anything or to have one who does show up and votes time and time again to take away our freedoms?  Personally I'll take the Derelicts over the Constitutional Threats any day.