Politically Feasible

Anyone who knows Merrimack knows that the number one issue in the town is tolls. The entire town is surrounded by tollbooths. As a result of this tolls are the number one issue for the people living there, specifically toll relief.

Democrat Debra Pignatelli knew this and campaigned saying she would find a way to bring toll relief to Merrimack. And surprisingly in a town that leans heavy republican, she won.

In talking to the wife of a state rep and Andy from NHInsider we all agreed that with tolls being as high an issue in Merrimack as they are, if Jim O’Neil (Merrimack’s only Democratic state rep) were to get help from the remainder of the Democratic party in eliminating the tolls around Merrimack, the town could very likely turn into a Democratic strong hold. It is that issue and that issue alone that helped elect Debra.

Yesterday however Debra was quoted in the Union Leader in such a way that I think she may have sunk herself and any future chance for Democrats in the town of Merrimack.

“Pignatelli said eliminating the tolls is not politically feasible.”

Politically feasible? If giving the Democratic Party the ability to take over one of the largest Republican leaning towns in the state isn’t political motivation enough for a party that currently controls the state government on every level then what is? This shows one thing, democrats are addicted to taxes. Here we have three tollbooths that use the vast majority of what they collect just to run the booths themselves. If that isn’t a perfect example of unnecessary government for the sake of having more government then I don’t know what is. The state after operation costs are removed only takes in about $1.3 million from tolls. When you consider the states operating budget is 10 BILLION can anyone argue that the tolls that unfairly tax one town are really needed?

Democrats were given a HUGE chance here. Instead of giving the people of Merrimack what they really wanted they instead talk of “toll relief” in the form of taking a huge lump of money which some people can’t afford pay for an upfront payment then letting them pass the tolls at a lower rate since they were pretaxed. Some relief!

So what many Republicans as myself expect already Democrats will continue to prove to people they are addicted to taxes and do nothing for the people of Merrimack and they will blow a huge opportunity presented to them that they would be able to campaign on in Merrimack for many years to come all because they don’t see it as “politically feasible”.