Question For Hillary Supporters

I have an honest question for Hillary Clinton supporters.  She has been promising a heck of a lot and at nearly each stop she makes further claims of what she will give to the people of this country should they elect her.  However even she was quoted in the Boston Globe on Oct 11th saying "I have a million ideas. The country can't afford them all."  So even she acknowledges we can't afford to pay for everything she wants to push forward. 

She has already suggest we give every child born in this country $5,000 at birth which I wrote about here.   That comes out to be at least $20 billion a year.

She estimated her health care plan at $110 billion a year (analysts figure higher).

She's suggested a $50 energy plan to replace our dependency on oil.

$10 billion a year to help fix the nations deteriorating bridges.

And it goes on and on and on and on...   In fact the GOP has actually started compiling and adding all the items she is offering to the American public on a Hillary Spend-O-Meter found here.  They offer details and sources to where she made the claims.  So far they are up to $756 billion in new spending if she were in office 4 years.

The question I have for Democrats who are backing her is this, do you really believe she will deliver everything she is saying she will deliver and if so where exactly is the $756+ billion coming from to fund all of this new spending (keep in mind this is NEW spending above and beyond our current budget)?