Rudy Giuliani is anti free speech?

This past Tuesday Rudy Giuliani has joined the ranks of Carol Shea Porter in having had someone locked up from exercising their first amendment rights.

As you may or may not remember, Peter Macdonald wrote a letter to Carol expressing his views of among other things what Article 10 of the NH constitution means. Carol’s response to his letter was to have him committed for observation. Based on the dictionary definition of the English language Peter was 100% correct on his interpretation yet Carol’s crew felt he was a danger and had him locked away.

In an equally out right assault on free speech Rudy’s press secretary this week ordered the arrest of Matt Lepacek for asking 9-11 related question. Personally I don’t buy into the 9-11 truther movement which it sounds like Matt is part of but that shouldn’t stop him from being free to ask questions.

Matt had valid press credentials issues by CNN and had as much right to be there as any other reporter. And since our constitution gives reporters freedom of press they are free to ask ANY questions they see fit. This apparently did not fly with Rudy and his team so they ordered Matt to be arrested.

That in and of itself is a mystery as how they were able to get away with that. CNN who sponsored the debate argued against his arrest and said he was free to be there so what right did Rudy and his group have to simply order Matt to be arrested? Do politicians now have the ability to simply demand someone’s arrest on their say? Apparently so!

What makes this even more interesting is they are charging Matt with criminal trespassing. I’d like to know how since CNN were the ones who gave him the right to be there and they objected to his being arrested.

If this wasn’t enough Rudy’s assault on free speech continued when his crew has a second reporter, Samuel Ettaro out for also asking 9-11 related questions. Even if you think the 9-11 truth movement is full of bunk as I do there is no excuse for what Rudy’s team did after the debates. That alone I feel is disqualification for his consideration for presidency and unless we find ourselves having to choose for the lesser of two evils as we did in ’04 you will see no support from me for Rudy and even then you may not see me supporting him.