Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

On my way to the Republican Debate last night I was listening to the radio and the commentator made a comment that (and I’m paraphrasing here) he believed Ron Paul to be the best choice as he most fit his own personal views, he has the best understanding of the Constitution of any candidate on either party and he was by far the best choice for anyone who would want to see government spending put to a stop… but then he went on to say he was going to support Mitt Romney even though he doesn't see Mitt as such a perfect candidate. I scratched my head wondering why? Why if you see someone as a perfect choice would you instead pick someone flawed? His answer was that he picks the person he sees as the best fit who he thinks has the best chance of winning.

I’m sorry but that’s out right ignorant. The reason Mitt has the best chance of winning is because of people like him who vote for instead of the one they see as the best choice, the “most popular” pick who they see as the person with the highest chances of winning. And it is exactly that point of view which leaves us with bad choices time and time again.

Now let me digress a moment here and switch over to talking about baseball, the point for which I will make clear in a moment. In most of NH the Red Sox are the team of choice. Being originally from NY I am of course a Yankee fan. This leads to a number of good spirited jabbing going back and forth between myself and friend in NH. This year my Yanks are down by double digits at this point in the season and it looks very bleak for them but History for both teams now have shown that you should NEVER count someone down because they down in the standings (or in the case of politics the polls). In 2004 the Yankees had the play offs against the Sox as good as done having won 3 of a 7 game series. They only needed to win 1 of the next 4 games to move on and send the Red Sox packing to head to a golf course. We all remember (sadly in my case) what happened. In another case much more pleasing to me, 1978. Yankees were down by 14 games as of July 19th. They at that point did what needed to be done and turned the team around winning 52 of their next 73 games. This lead to an end of season tie with the Red Sox so it all came down to one game. Sox played great taking an early lead. Once again it looked hopeless for the Yankees… then came Bucky Dent or Bucky f’ing Dent as most Red Sox refer to him. Batting just .140 in the prior 20 games he wasn’t viewed as a threat in the least, in fact if you were a betting man most would have put their money on his not making it to first base that game but fate stepped in and he hit a homer right over the big green monster of Fenway park. The rest as we know is history.  History repeated again in 2003 when post season .161 hitter Aaron Boone stepped up in the bottom of the 11th of game 7 in the play offs.

In both 2004 and 1978 (as well as 2007) the Yankees or Red Sox seasons were counted as good as over but yet they pulled through and won.  True fans and supporters stood by their teams in thick and thin and were paid off with a victory party.

Now let's look back at the primaries.  Sure Ron Paul may be behind in the polls but if people look up his record and learn more about him and view him as the best choice and the people actually show up on primary day and cast a vote in his favor, Ron Paul can be the 1978 Yankees or the 2004 Red Sox winning when people had counted him out.  And this goes for ALL candidates, not just Ron.  If you like space man Kucinich or Bill Richardson or whoever stand by what you truly believe.  Don't be a sell out and vote for "most popular" because you feel they have the best shot at winning.  By sticking by the ones you really believe in they in turn have a true shot at winning.  And even if they don't you can at least sleep well at night knowing you voted for the best choice and didn't sell out what you believe in.