What do the MA schools teach their kids?

Memorial Day, a day for remembrance.  All the politicians come out and try to out speech the one before them showing themselves to be the one most supportive of our troops.  Families make trips to the cemetery to put a small flag on the grave of a father, grandfather or some other loved one who fought in a past war.  Towns put on Memorial Day parades and other observances.

 And to our south, MA kids take pot shots at our veterans with eggs.

 When I read that story I thought to myself how on earth could two 13 year old kids be so disrespectful of our military on of all days Memorial Day.  Then I read that it happened in MA and I fully understood.  Only in a state that elects and supports a politician who out right spit on our Vietnam veterans could I see something like this happening.  Only in the most liberal state in the nation would I expect something like this to happen.  Sad!