Why Do Republicans Fear Ron Paul?


After the Republican debate this week I've come to the conclusion that the Republican party as a whole fears Ron Paul.  Democrats do too but not nearly as much as Republicans do.  I can think of no other explanation for their behavior.

This week poll after poll shows Ron Paul as the candidate who won the debate yet Republicans and leading news sources continue to either ignore or dismiss the results.  Sean Hannity after the debate seeing Ron Paul won the FOX news poll claimed that his supporters cheated by voting multiple times.  After hearing this I tried to vote multiple times on the FOX poll... I couldn't.  The poll correctly confirmed I had voted and would not allow me to vote a second time.  Hannity should know this being it was his own network that set up the poll.  At the time of my writing this Ron is leading the NH Insider's own poll 9% over the next leading candidate.

foxnewskipsronpaul.jpgAfter the Iowa Straw poll results came out showing Ron Paul finishing in the top 5 Fox news out right lied by omission showing the results of 6 candidates skipping Ron Paul as if he didn't finish in the top at all (Tom Tancredo was also left from the results as he too was in the top 5).


The actual results had Ron Paul with 9.1%.

There have also been reports among some of the more open Ron Paul supporters that they were bared from some GOP events. 

Considering that most Americans support a pull out of Iraq and Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican who isn't taking a pro war stance I think that other leading Republicans are afraid of that message being heard because the general public will take Ron seriously.  And when you factor that in with his 100% constitutionally correct voting record and his proven small government voting record anyone can see why RINO's like Giuliani would be concerned with his being taken seriously.

I've even seen polls of Democrats showing that among Democrat votes Ron Paul STILL comes out in the top.  Yet political talk show hosts continue to try to down play him, news sources continue to try to ignore him.

It's quite clear though when you stop to look at the big picture why the political machines of either party would want Dr. Paul kept out of the lime light.  They all know he is the best choice going for either side.  Look at the more recent elections.  Democrats have won by running against Bush and his policies with the war.  That's the only reason they won in 2004, as evident by the approval ratings of congress dropping even lower then Bush's own ratings due to their failure to follow through on what they said they would do if elected.  And Republicans know that the top choices right now for Democrats no longer have the anti war edge.  If you listen to Hillary, her views are very similar to Bush's own.  Ron Paul is one of the only true choices from either party who has proven to be against the war with his votes.  That gives him an edge with the majority of voters who want us out of Iraq.  And when you compare him to the few Democrats who are truly against the war (unlike Hillary) it becomes a race of policy.  Democrats know Ron would win that hands down.  His proven 100% constitutional record and proven small government record would make their big government policies stand out like sore thumbs.  And I think most leading Republicans know that their party was beaten solely because of Iraq.  If Ron was given enough attention that people saw him as a true choice and his being the only Republican against the war... I think you can put two and two together there.