You want to take my kid where?

What ever happened to sitting kids in a room and teaching?  Seems to be a thing of the past as all I keep reading about is one controversial field trip after another.

 I'm sure everyone knows about the trip taken by the group in Manchester that along the way made a stop at Planned Parenthood.  I have no problem with a parent who want their kids to know about things like that as a parent should have say over their own kids... however when parents are given a permission slip that simply stated kids would be going to "social service locations" that is not making it clear to the parents that along the way they were going to teach little Jimmy and little Peggy how to murder their unborn "accidents" without mommy and daddy ever needing to know about it.

 Then there was the trip in MA that happened today that turned out to be much more then it started as.  The kids were being taken to the state house to see government in action.  Parents months ago sign the slips not thinking much of it... But here in lies the problem, today happens to be the day the state house is debating homosexual marriage being put to a vote.  Heated debates and possible violent protesting going on.  Parents may not want their children in the middle of this for two reasons.  First you have those who don't feel their young children should be exposed to controversial issues such as homosexuality.  Then you have the others who like myself would worry about the safety of their kids during such a heated time.  Once it was learned that the trip coincided with such a heated debate parents should have been given the chance to revoke permission.

I'm sure those on the left will quickly try to argue this is about sex, it isn't.  Look at it this way, would you want those on the right taking your child on a field trip to a gun club and teaching them how to blast off a few rounds?

There is so much that could be said here that I wont go into, the fact our tax dollars are being used for these field trips and ipso facto being used to teach kids how to get abortions for instance could be a whole topic in an of itself.

I'll leave it to you all to comment away in the feedback but over all this proves one thing to me... we need school choice.  "Progressives" who would want their kids in the middle of a same sex right heated debate or would want their kids learning at early ages how and where to get abortions without their knowledge  could choose the schools that teach such things. While parents who believe in morals and would rather their children's education actually focuses on math, science, English etc could pick schools which deal more with actual education instead of social engineering.