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Not My Mess

It dawned on me today that Democrats remind me of my kids. 

In an online debate I was having I pointed out how nearly every single poster who was positive about Obama was going on about how "historic" it was he was being sworn in for a 2nd term because he was our first black president.  I pointed out that since there was nothing being said of his character and accomplishments and instead the focus was on the color of his skin we clearly haven't accomplished the dream MLK had.

At this point I would have thought a well informed Democrat would list out the accomplishments they credit Obama with.  Of course none did.  Instead the argument turned back that he had to inherit all these problems from Bush and from there they repeated talking point after talking point.  You know the ones... the Iraq war on credit cards, Bush ruined the Economy etc. etc. etc..

I gave our leftist friends a 2nd chance to show me up asking point blank, can you please site some of Obama's accomplishments since unemployment is no better today then it was when he took office, the wars in the middle east he said he'd end continue worse then ever, the Patriot Act that Democrats blasted Bush for was expanded under Obama, the deficit has gone up so high that it makes even the last 2 years under Bush look good, GITMO prison which was so evil has been expanded, taxes on those of us making less then $250,000 a year have gone up, ObamaCare is now starting to show is increasing health care costs instead of decreasing as it was suppose to... what is better off today as a result of Obama and his policies?

Did even a single person come back with anything?

I was at least expecting that he killed Osama or he opened it up to allowing gays in the military.  Granted the first was accomplished using intelligence gathered under Bush using "torture" and the 2nd is subject to point of view as whether or not it was an accomplishment but I'll give those two to him.

But what else did he accomplish?  Anything?

The responses came back once again blaming Bush for everything under the sun.

This brings us back to my kids and how they remind me of this group of Democrats.

I walk into a room full of toys.  It doesn't matter who's toys they are or how they got on the floor, I just want them picked up.  I say to my kids that it's time to pick up the toys.  Instead of doing this they argue back that it was the other one who made the mess.  I say again, it doesn't matter who made the mess but you have to clean it up.

Obama didn't make the mess, this I'll agree on.  The economic down turn started before he became president (let's ignore any responsibility he had in office prior to becoming president and since we're being generous let's also ignore that Democrats held the house and senate since the 2006 elections).  However he ran for office as the guy who would clean up the mess.  He's had 4 years so far and the mess is still on the floor.

Democrats, instead of focusing on the mess and discussing how to clean it up, continue to argue about who made the mess in the first place and just like my kids attempt to draw focus onto something different ignoring the mess that they should be responsible for cleaning up.


Reader Comments (4)

Gosh, stock market keeps going up, more jobs generated almost every month he's been in office, he saved the economy from a depression by helping some companies which have mostly repaid that support, with interest, he effectively got us out of Iraq and has drawn down on Afghanistan with a time table to get out, he got the world's #1 terrorist, and hundreds, thousands of others, and he has plans on immigration, improving equality for women and gays and lesbians, and if you go to the White House WEBSITE you'll find hundreds of bills he has helped get through Congress.

Oh, and quite well managed the government's response to a major hurricane, earning even applause from a well-known Republican governor, who might be a candidate for President in 2016.

A darn good president. And yes, the previous one had got us into two wars without a bottom in his mind, boggled recovery efforts for a hurricane, and did little else.

God Bless America, and President Barack Obama.
January 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJim Splaine

Ever go to a Democrat event and watch how their kids behave?
January 23, 2013 | Registered CommenterEd Naile
Hey Jimbo –
Debt Mtn. keeps going up, up, up to the atmospheres. See a correlation with inflated paper assets? Wonder what happens when Chinese junta consider themselves sufficiently independent and pull out to prick Uncle Sammy's debt balloon? Pop goes the weasel.
– C. dog converting to portable properties
January 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
Let's address the accomplishments you list...
1) "stock market keeps going up"
Fair point, I'll give this one to you.

2) more jobs generated almost every month he's been in office
Unemployment has just gotten back to where it was when he took office. We are in the slowest economic recovery ever. Of course jobs will eventually come back when you hit bottom but under Obama they are coming back slower then ever before after a recession. I fail to see this as an accomplishment. If anything it shows how badly Obama is failing this country.

3) he saved the economy from a depression by helping some companies which have mostly repaid that support, with interest
See response to point #2. Slowest economic recovery ever!

4) he effectively got us out of Iraq
The media and Obama has lied to you. We still have "peacekeeping" troops in Iraq. I'd suggest you sign up for the Cindy Sheehan blog. Very informative. Of course now that a Democrat is in office and she continues to hold to her belief that we should stop the wars in the middle east, she's no longer featured on every news station every night but she's still fighting the fight to end the wars.
Here's a good starting point for reading:
When the troops pulled out as the media hyped in 2011 it was because of the agreement Bush signed with the Iraq government, it had ZERO to do with Obama. Obama turned around and built one of the largest military "embassies" in the middle east capable of allowing air strikes to be based from it.

5)has drawn down on Afghanistan with a time table to get out
72% of all causalities in Afghanistan happened under Obama, not Bush. Again this is a failure, not a success on his part. The fact he is drawing a time table for ending this despite the increasing violence is not what I'd consider one of his successes.

6) he got the world's #1 terrorist
Which I pointed out in the article above. Of course he used information gathered under Bush to do it.

7) he has plans on immigration
He has plans for a lot of things, most of them have caused this country more harm then good. Saying you have a plan and actually accomplishing something positive are two far different things.

8) improving equality for women and gays and lesbians
Again I pointed this out in the above article. This one comes down to point of view. I'm willing to give this one to him too though.

7) if you go to the White House WEBSITE you'll find hundreds of bills he has helped get through Congress.
Bills for tax increase, increasing welfare etc etc etc... I'm asking his supporters to list accomplishments. I'm not going to sift through hundreds of bills to find the 2 or 3 ones that are actually good. If you think he's done more then list away.

8) quite well managed the government's response to a major hurricane, earning even applause from a well-known Republican governor, who might be a candidate for President in 2016.
Sorry but Cristie kissing up because he wants federal money to come his way is not an accomplishment. I know too many people in NY and this is not a "well managed response"
Jan 23rd as we are in the middle of a cold wave people in NY and NJ are still without power and heat. Is that well managed? If that's the case then you need to own up and admit Bush did a great job after Katrina because this isn't too different.

So let's tally up...
Stock market and the equality for gays and lesbians... that makes two accomplishments in 4 years. I'll even give him credit for killing Osama with the information collected under Bush.
That makes 3 in 4 years. Less then 1 accomplishment a year.

Wonderful record. Given that which 3 of the pending problems he said he'd fix can we actually expect fixed in the next 4 years... oh wait. I listened to his speech, he's not pushing to fix the economy, create jobs, solve the problems of violence in the middle east, or solve the deficit problems... he's going to give illegals more of our money, increase spending on government programs we already can't afford, pumping more cash into the "green market" pipe dream, adding more government employees to the wagon pulled by the few of us left in the work force...
Sorry but I want solutions to the problems he ran on fixing.
January 24, 2013 | Registered CommenterRick Barnes

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