Right To Know Leases.

I've never filed a 'right to know' request. Previously, I had considered filing one at the Business Finance Authority or BFA relative to the Balsam's bailout or whatever it's called. I'm still on the fence on this idea.

Well, of course this weekend I'm out railfanning and hear of another questionable, state contract.

This one would be for the state owned rail line from the ME/NH border through Crawford Notch to on or near Whitefield, N.H. This is the former Maine Central Mountain Subdivision that runs from So. Portland, Maine to St. Johnsbury, Vermont.Right To Know State Leases: Crawford Notch Rail Line.

I don't deal in rumors. But my sources tell me that the state is looking to lease operations on this segment of track to a freight rail operator and that the state did not advertise this lease, but instead "hand-picked" potential applicants and went from there. I haven't checked with anyone at the state about this, but if there is any truth to this rumor--something is wrong.

So I may be filing a right-to-know about this rail lease.

Finding Kaisch

Former Representative Charlie Bass has a really good article in the Concord Monitor newspaper about his reasoning for supporting candidateJohn Kaisch.


I think incredible does this material justice. Not only the idea but the underlying leadership of Rep. John Kaisch. I don't know very much about Kaisch but I will on Monday as the time is now running short!

Do you see any of these other candidates rowing against the ingrained defense establishment the way Rep. Kaisch did? (See article about the B2).

Why Do We Need To Spend Billions On This Aircraft?



Blaming The Billions.

This morning I got a response to one of my blogs that really floored me:

"If you actually listened to her you would know that she is a constitutionalist. Obamacare is a massive Federal Government program that lost Billions of Dollars just tring to get it started. and the bleeding continues today. Carly has emphatically stated that the States are responsible for the health and welfare of the citizens. So send the States the money and let them handle it." - Bob DeMaura, NHInsider.

This is ultimately about candidate Carly Fiorina and her support for withdrawing from Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act which has already been implemented, successfully in New Hampshire.

If you notice Mr. DeMaura doesn't say where or how these billions have been lost, or how the "bleeding continues" this is just a hide behind the argument that billions have been lost so we should leave Obamacare. Compare the billions that have been lost by heathcare providers pre- Obamacare and unaffordable health premiums because of the billions that have been paid out in claims and executive bonuses by insurance companies. Billions of dollars.

"Carly has emphatically stated that the states are responsible. So send the states the money and let them handle it." Here are some FACTS:

"Of the $35,782,469 awarded to New Hampshire, $1,270,874 was awarded to New Hampshire heatlh centers to help enroll uninsured Americans in the Health Insurance Marketplace."

I could go on with statistics like this such as the: "elimination of pre-existing conditions."Which, private insurance carriers would never do--they would just deny coverage.

So I'm now re-reading my original post about the garbage candidate Fiorina sent about about leaving Obamacare. Neither her or Bob DeMaura have offered what should be put in it's place or, how New Hampshire residents would have access to healthcare without the ACA. Nothing.

Blame The Billions. I say blame the GOP. No leadership on this issue.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.



Killing The Golden Goose.

I've asked this question before and now I'm asking it again. Have you ever read something, and at first dismissed it but then after some time goes by it sinks in......

I'm following the race for Senate District #1 including the twitter feeds for the two major candidates, Sen. Jeff Woodburn and Rep. Leon Rideout. In any case Rideout often tweets along the same themes, if not brand identity: partiotism, guns, love of country, U.S. Marine Corps, more guns, flag. I think you get the point. It is what it is. I'm sure Rep. Rideout will get many votes because of this brand identity alot of voters identify to it. It's very similar to Craftsman Tools. People buy craftsman tools because they know it is a name that can be relied upon.

Let's move on.Northern Pass Is A Defining Issue In The Race For Senate District #1...

If there is going to be one issue that is important in this senate race it will be the Northern Pass. The proposal to march transmission towers to the sea. I think it's safe to say that 70-85% of the population is opposed to Northern Pass. So here is the tweet(s):

"Did having campaign donors IBEW N the room mute Woodburn's statement 2 the SEC."

"Does the Sen. stand with #North Country residents?"

And then it hit me....... 

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is one of the most powerful unions in the country including its financial support for Democratic candidates including the political endeavors of Gov. Maggie Hassan. If you notice Gov. Hassan has never said that she is opposed to the Northern Pass she hasn't even acknowleged the will of the people that are opposed to this capital intensive project.

So where does this leave Sen. Jeff Woodburn? (See Tweets Above).

I'd say somewhere between a rock and high voltage transmission tower.

Leave Carly Out.

This morning I made my daily trip to the post office and did what I've been doing for the past two weeks: clean out the political cardstock mailers from the candidates and the special interest groups.

We'll today I got one from candidate Carly Fiorina. What a piece of absolute trash.Campaign Sends Out Garbagestock. Leave Her Off The Stage.

And after my chosen candidate Gov. George Pataki dropped out I was actually considering voting for Fiorina but after reading this garbage am now moving on.

Fiorina was CEO of Hewlett-Packard during a tumultuous time with this corporation from reports I've read in the Wall Street Journal it's quite something or a feat to say how HP actually survived in not only the dot.com bust but the acquisition of basically a toxic asset in Compaq.Fiorina Was CEO of HP during a difficult time. Her political campaign seems like real garbage.

So why am I dropping my interest in Fiorina?

One reason: OBamacare.

In bold lettering on the garbagestock Fiorina wants to back out of Obamacare. She doesn't state any alternative(s) or even a decisive reason why she wants to do this. Where are Americans supposed to get access to healthcare Ms. Fiorina? (Haven't found an answer on her website eithier). 

Apparently, she has done very poorly in the Iowa caucuses hence the reason for the networks to drop her.

With the garbage her campaign is sending out. Good move here.

Lagging It Forward.

Either the New Hampshire Union Leader didn't print it or, more than likely I missed it. 

The text of Gov. Maggie Hassan's "State of the State speech." I can remember when Gov. Merrill gave his speech this newspaper printed the text on almost the front page. 

Times do change. 

I'll attribute it to printing costs and the real reason: voter apathy and the age olde question: "Does anyone even care?" 

Another example I found out locally, at the deliberative session in Littleton, NH there was a warrant article asking the voters to pony up $900,000.00 to be used at leverage for gaining a $2.7 million dollar federal grant(s) used to revitalize a section of town. You'd think that with a major expenditure like this the news media would be reporting the results of the vote. I haven't seen one word about this warrant article including if it passed!!!!  

The only thing I've heard (I don't deal in rumors) is that several individuals got up and explained that this isn't a $900,000.00 bond that is proposed. This is a $900,000.00 bond plus compounded interest that is being proposed. Which will be a good chunk of change. 

It's always more money. But does anyone even care? 


Settling A Quandry

I'm in a bit of quandary, it's indecision actually and indecision can never be a good thing.

And I'll get right to my point: I'm spending alot of time (daily) checking the agenda for the Business Finance Authority (BFA), and what am I looking for?

The state loan guarantee application for the Balsam's Bailout or Boondoogle or whatever it will be called.Filing A Right To Know Before The BFA. And Where This Could Lead.

I'm really tempted to file a 'Right to Know' request for the application and being of an accounting background I'm sure I'll be very amazed at what is being proposed in exchange for New Hampshire floating some $28 million dollars in bonds with the taxpayers taking all of the risk.

Guess my problem is where this could lead.

So I get a copy of this application, and what I can I do? Appear at the Governor & Council meeting and request a "public hearing" under RSA: ???   All the major politicos in this state are behind the very idea of this state loan guarantee but somehow they would turn 180 degrees upon hearing my concerns about the massive risk that is involved and very likelihood that the taxpayers of this state are going to get severely burned.


Platinum Is Exotic.

Gold made another $14.00 today to 1155.60 an oz.

Faith in the financial system, faith in politicians and the flight of capital.

Right now I'm wondering at the status of the NH "State of the Union." Hopefully it will be better than when Gov. C. Jeanne Shaheen gave her presentation. It was almost juvenile. It was filled with pie charts that didn't make any sense and on top of that a couple of them kept falling down. It was quite a day.Platinum is an alternative to gold. I wish NH had alternatives to the bad politics here.

Right now I'm looking at platnum and wondering if this will follow the upward course of gold. If platinum had to be defined the word would be: exotic.

Gold is just a metal, a valuable metal and a commodity that has cost thousands of people their lives. Which is why I really don't like gold. Gold never works out even if there is a "flight of capital." Enter the word, desire. This is why it doesn't work out.

I really like platinum. It's a hard core industrial metal that has many practical applications and is a viable substitute for the gold.

Gold Moves Higher.

It's day(s) after the Iowa Caucuses. And I think the real measure and barometer of politics is shining and shining very brightly.


The cash basis is up almost $14.00 for today to $1,141.00 per oz.

To me gold is the ultimate electorate. This shiny metal is where everything flocks to when things get bad. Bad things like what politicians and policymakers do.

Up $14.00 per oz.This Is Where Capital Flocks To When Things Get Bad. And It's Price Is Up.

It will go higher.

I wonder what Gov. Maggie Hassan and her campaign for U.S. Senate thinks about the price of gold in context to everything that goes on.

Like I said. This shiny metal is where everything flocks to when it gets bad.

The Politics of Technology.

This won't be the best organized blog but I've got an issue and/or questions of substance:

Back when Craig Benson was governor he supported, and it advanced the creation of a 'Conway Technology Park' on the east side of Conway. I'm not one to deal in rumors but I've heard various things about this 'technolgy park' and what has happened.

Basically, I've heard that the ideas, vision are quality but the concept hasn't "taken off."My interpretation of this is: it isn't moving forward.

This wouldn't be a big deal if this was financed through the private sector but it wasn't. It's another one of those "public-private"partnerships where the federal, state government pony up millions of dollars and build impressive structures that sit mostly empty.

Is there an issue here?

I'd say there is not only an issue but finding about "facts" about the issue is an issue itself. I've tried to find out about the financing of the Conway Technology Park and what it's returns have been to the taxpayers that have invested in it.

All three of the candidates for Senate District #1 have all stated how much they support economic development and creating jobs for the North Country, I'll be asking them questions like the Conway Technology Park. Should be interesting to see where all this leads....


Medicaid Expansion.

To The Editor:

  The upcoming vote on medicaid expansion will be very important in Senate District #1. Sen. Jeff Woodburn supports medicaid expansion while his likely Republican opponent is against it.

  "This will bankrupt future generations of Americans."Rideout said on his Facebook page. Rideout doesn't state how medicaid expansion would bankrupt New Hampshire, including the lowering of healthcare premiums and uncovered care--often bankruptable costs.

  Senate District #1 comprises the northern 1/3 of New Hampshire and this medicaid expansion vote affects thousands. It's apparent that Rep. Rideout has no coherent plan for healthcare, just a few worn out Ronald Reagan talking points. Not good.



Retail Politics.

To The Editor:

  Unlike other states where politics is about money and organization New Hampshire still affords retail politics and access to the candidates and the issues.

  One of the pivotal races in the North Country will be for Senate District #1, where there is a contested Republican primary between Rep. Leon Rideout of Lancaster against Dorothy McPhaul of Sugar Hill. The winner of this primary will face Sen. Jeff Woodburn in the general election.

  Dorothy McPhaul has taken a decisive role against the Northern Pass proposal to march high voltage towers from Hydro-Quebec down to the Atlantic Ocean. Advocacy is an important role for a state senator. I asked McPhaul about Hitchner Manufacturing in Littleton and the loss of local jobs and taxbase. McPhaul didn't respond. I followed on with asking about "public-private partnerships" and ideas in expanded casino gaming. No response here either.

  Please ask these candidates questions. New Hampshire still affords retail politics. Hopefully, you'll do better at getting responses than I have.  

Bringing It Back.

Speaker Jasper is bringing back something that has gone away in recent years. Having the presidential candidates gives speeches before the NH House. This is good and bad.

They did this when I was there, all of the candidates did basically the same thing: get up thank everyone for serving in an elected job that pays $100.00/year and then move on to non-controversial 'talking points' which every candidate has the ability to do.Ability To Give A Great Speech But Will She Do This?

Perhaps this is good because it brings the candidate into the Statehouse bad because it burns up alot of time. At least in my view. This is somewhat like having the Hopkinton State Band play right before the session, alot of the older legislators seem to really like this. Good entertainment in the NH House.

Carly Fiorina is scheduled to give one of these speeches. I hope at the very least she uses this as a forum to lite a political fire. Her poll numbers could use this and she does have the ability to give a really good speech.

But will she do this.

My guess is that she will not.


Passing It On.

So yesterday, as reported, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to go to Rep. Annie Kuster's district office in Littleton to express a concern I'm having about a state program offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

But the story does not end here at least not yet anyways.

At this point I called the district office in Concord and was politely greeted and had my information "passed on to one her colleagues."Colleagues I like this word, so intellectual and academic. I'm more accustomed to "hey you."Big World Out There. Even In New Hampshire Politics

Different world this is for sure. Well, at least I know my place in it.

About a half-hour later, perhaps more like 15 minutes I got a call from an Aseeb Niazi of the Nashua District office (think I spelled name right), in any case Mr. Niazi was very professional and listened to my concerns which are now in writing and headed towards his office.

I'm still disapointed that I couldn't speak with a person at the Littleton office but I'm very pleased at the rest of the 'constituant service' provided by Rep. Kuster's staff members. I can recall Rep. Charlie Bass never provided service like this, never.

We'll have to see what happens next...

Saratoga Casino

DRAFT- Needs Revision (Facts)

To The Editor:

  This year for the Breeder's Cup I went to the Saratoga Casino in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. this showed me what in New Hampshire could be better.

  The Saratoga Casino is just south of the famous Saratoga Racetrack which opened in 1836. It's actually the harness track, which by 2003 like the rest of the horse racing industry had fallen on hard times. In 2011 the New York General Assembly passed legislation allowing 1700 video lottery terminals to be installed and what a showpiece the Saratoga Casino now is. It's like the main lobby of the Mount Washington Hotel with a gaming floor.

  The Saratoga Casino now injects $53 million dollars into state and local treasuries. This could be done in New Hampshire.


Avant Essentric Bad Politics.

As I previously reported, this morning I went to the Littleton District office of Rep. Annie Kuster. I'm really disappointed that there wasn't anyone there to discuss my concern(s) about the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the administration of one of their programs in the Granite State.

So let's move on.

I'm looking around the nice office building and there is some essentric paintings on the wall. Normally, I might take some time to consider some meaning here, but on this day I'm disappointed so I simply decide to leave but perhaps there really is a meaning and reason why these paintings are in fact here?

There Is Some Essentric Art Near Rep. Kuster's Office. Perhaps There Is A Real Meaning Here?

So I decided to go down to get a coffee. As I'm driving downtown I'm thinking about an 'art appreciation' course I took, it was average. The instructor spent a great deal of time discussing the history of art like the renaissance period in Italy. I asked the instructor why she wasn't covering degenerate art?

"Art has to be positive." she said.

Wonder if the building owner and Rep. Kuster are attempting to portray a positive image.Be Careful Who You Listen To. This Is Degenerate Art."Art Has To Be Positive." The Instructor Said. This Is Degenerate Art.


Office Closed-On Vacation.

I can definitely see that there is a growing divide between government and the people.

The government and 'the people' are two separate entities. It's them and us.

It really doesn't matter that the government is financed by 'us' and supposed to be serving 'us.' Because ultimately it's about them and what gets served by them. Namely, themselves.

This is what I experienced today.

I'm having an issue with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I'm going into specific details, but it is an issue. It is my understanding from living in a small town that other residents of the North Country are having similar if not the same issue(s) that I am. So, this in mind I tried to go to U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster's office on 33 Main Street in Littleton to see what can be done.Office Hours Posted. It was closed. Is This Constituant Service?

It's a nice office in a nice building. Just the type of place a Member of Congress should be using for 'constituant service.' or at least in theory this is how it should work. So I went there on a Monday morning. It was closed. They even have a nice sign on the door stating the hours that it is open. For example: Monday 8:30-4:30.


Presidential candidate Rand Paul has an office next door, it too was closed. No hours were posted on the door. So I wrote down the number for Rep. Kuster's office in Concord (603)-226-1002 and walked around the area a bit. Very nice building with nice carpeting, offices furniture, plants, etc. All kinds of eccentric art on the walls. I'd say it was thought provoking, but it wasn't.

Guess I'm old fashoned. If office hours are posted then there should be office hours.

Constituent service.

Where Is Rand Paul?

Now that I'm rolling on the subject of presidential candidates, where is Sen. Rand Paul?

It seems like he flies into New Hampshire stops at the Tilt'n Diner (which I'm told is expensive-bad food), talks about conservative values and then flies off to Washington and votes for legislation supported by the administration.

Am I getting this wrong?Is This Candidate Any Different Than An Established Washington Politician?

Guess Sen. Paul was asked for his position about the most important issue of the day, "guns." Of course you might be able to imagine the response here.

I'll be glad when this election is over.


Rubio Gun Crowds.

Sen. Marco Rubio has some very slick ads for his presidental race. These are done by not only his campaign but at least one PAC that is operating in his behalf.

I'd say they are very balanced and at least create the "impression" that the candidate is going to lead the country down the center path, especilly in the field of foreign policy. As President he would weigh the various factors at hand and forge America forward.Effective Marketing and Positioning. That Is About It.

Who couldn't support that?

Advertising is different than reality, much different.

Recently, the candidate was up here in the North County hanging with the gun and liberty crowd, including State Senate candidate Rep. Leon Ridout. The scene showed me that Sen. Rubio is simply a well spoken poster boy for an advertising campaign that hopfully leads to the presidency.



If Trump Could Win.

I've stopped paying attention to the Presidental Primary here in New Hampshire. My impression is that alot of people have. Sure there are some politicos and diehards that are positioning and looking for the best candidate, but I heard something today,

"I'll be glad when it's over."

Meeee Tooooooo........

Guess I lost interest in the whole process when former NY Gov. George Pataki slid down into the single digits. Right about the time Trump started surging. I've been to New York numerous times and seen first hand the empire zones advanced under Gov. Pataki, but it's apparant that the electorate would rather listen to sound bites instead of substance.

"I'll be glad when all of this is over."It Ain't Over Till It's Over. But I Think It's Over. The Result: Unremarkable.

It looks like some of the candidates have already jumped ship. Haven't seen Florina or Santorum in weeks this is followed by Kaisch. Guess in my limted view Bush, Rubio and Christie are the only real runners in contention for this primary. I'll make my predictions now.

Winter finally arrives in mid January in a big way and the turnout reaches the "very poor" level. The Donald takes this and I'll put the second spot to Christie I think he has worked harder than the rest of the field in securing strategic endorsements that actually work the field and this means something.