Steven J Connolly


A Stronger New Hampshire. 

I'll state it upfront this is a speculation blog in which it will be laced with much of my own ideas about what is going to happen up here in State Senate District #1. A political race that grows more interesting by the day... 

The Democrat incumbent is Sen. Jeff Woodburn from Dalton who will win his primary on September 9th. He'll be vulnerable after this date.

The declared Republican candidate is Mark Evans from Berlin who from what I've been able to gather hasn't made a move except to file his papers with the Sect'ys of State's office. Now here is where it gets really interesting:

A write-in Republican candidate has emerged.   It's Dorothy Mcphaul from Sugar Hill, NH. If this website is to be believed "a stronger New Hampshire may be in the future."

This primary is going to be interesting. And from my vantage point Sen. Woodburn hasn't done anything but coast for the last two years.

Forget about the voters and eventually the voters will forget about you.


A Write In Candidate. 

Today I saw something that I hadn't seen in a long-time, if ever in NH state politics. An advertised write in candidate for State Senate District #1.

And I'm really pleased about this.

State Senate District #1 is currently occupied by Jeff Woodburn from Dalton. Without going into major detail, I think he has been a complete disappointment as a state senator. It's unfortunate that with his level of political experience in both Washington and Concord he didn't make the strategic choice to do more for his own district. Some examples include: PSNH Northern Pass, supporting a gas tax increase and the continual economic challenges that face the north country. It's much easier for Sen. Woodburn to simply to drift along, right behind Gov. Hassan.A write in candidate for state senate district #1. The voters of this district deserve something more than an appendage to Gov. Hassan office.

So there's a write in candidate, I don't even know which party. But this is really healthy, and says to me that I'm not the only one sick of the folksy press releases while nothing is being done!

Previously, I had written about the GOP likely candidate in Mark Evans from Berlin no information to report here.

After September 9th it's going to get rather interesting in this area of New Hampshire.


To Be Detached. 

Politics is a tough business and it doesn't matter what the party or affiliation is.

At least in business there is the straight objective for a profit which affords at least some insulation from the elements. Of course there is always the money, which is a 'barrier to entry.' for candidates and anything involved in this field.

I think this video shows why Sen. Shaheen shouldn't be re-elected. The simple reason is detachment. And being apart and above the very constituancy that she is to be serving. Take a look at this video, specifically the body language, fake smiles of who I'm assuming to be the Shaheen daughters and the response "no" when asked if question(s) would be allowed in a public forum.

Of course it would have to be no why how dare those: "unwashed, ignorant people even ask such a question make them go away." This is my take on what was really said.

Sen. Shaheen has been in this business a long time, too long. And it is a challenge to come from the success, and power of Washington to a rural state facing some significant challenges.

But that is still what this position calls for.



Is Nothing Corruption In Itself?  

Previously I had reported on my direct experience with Georgia and it's politics. It is as bad if not worse than I had even reported or even believed.

"A new study ranks Georgia politics the country’s worst for accountability and openness — and the most at risk for corruption.Georgia is among seven states with grades of F following a yearlong-plus inquiry by three groups.The Peach State flunked in nine of the 14 categories used by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Public Integrity."- Center for Public Integrity.

Of course New Hampshire has to be in a better position than this.

But is "better" really that much better?

I'm not a supporter of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan for the simple reason that everything she says is essentially well worded fiction. There is no corruption because there is nothing there to begin with. I'll cite an example: Recently Gov. Hassan was in Plymouth, NH at this new taxpayer funded "enterprise center."Of course the Gov. has to start pitching her "innovation economy", STEM and how "high technology" companies could expand and relocate to New Hampshire.

Name a company that has plans like this? (Notice the use of the word "could").

There is nothing there to begin with. Corruption becomes less of an issue when there isn't anything there to begin with.

I think Hassan would do much better, and be more credible if she simply dropped this whole fictional act about how it is a priority for her to create jobs and economic development. She could be honest and cite issues like taxation, utilities, infrastructure and fixed costs.

New Hampshire can't be competitive against other states like Georgia that hand out generous tax abatements, credits, workforce training, etc., et cetera. There is corruption in Georgia (see above) but this still doesn't change the fact that this state still and will attract more business ventures than New Hampshire.

I'm confident Gov. Maggie Hassan won't do this. Just like McDonalds will never advertise that their hamburgers are loaded with fat, gristle, by products and preservatives none of which is healthy for human consumption.


How To Create More Jobs In New Hampshire. 

In early August I went on a mountain biking expedition on the northern trail from Scarborough to Portland, Maine. It was a good day and brought back many memories (positive,negative) of my time serving in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve there. The trail is paved and runs though the heart of the port on the South Portland side starting from Casco Bay Bridge past the Coast Guard base, some oil terminals and ending at what used to be an U.S. Army Air Corps training center and shipyard where the famous Liberty Ships were built during WW II.

Portland has come a long way, especially in the last 10 years. When I was there in the early 1990s the place was filled with economic deprivation and boarded up windows, especially on the waterfront. This has changed for the better...Trade Route From Portland, Maine to Canada. New Hampshire won't support a project like this.   Much better. 

After I finished my bike ride I headed down to the Portland Fish Exchange which is the clearinghouse for the commercial fisherman in this area of Maine. From my vantage point the commercial fisherman aren't doing nearly as bad as has been reported in the left leaning media.

From there I went over to the nearby International Marine Terminal and the operations of Emskip; which is a company based in Iceland that wants to move container based cargo from Portland via rail to Canada across northern New Hampshire and Vermont. There wasn't much activity on this day, alot of shipping companies schedule their sailing by day for nighttime arrival and loading/unloading at the port.  I'm looking at the terminal and the overhead cranes I'm thinking about politics and trade policy: this would be a good way to open new markets and create needed jobs.

But the political support for this Emskip project is going to have to be from Iceland, Maine and Vermont because they won't get any support from New Hampshire starting with the Office of Governor Maggie Hassan.  Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Working For Jobs. New Hampshire doesn't have leadership like this.