Steven J Connolly


Substance In Campaign

It was 20 years ago that I ran for my first term in the NH House of Representatives. I was reminded of this this morning when I went downtown and saw signs being put up for Donna Devlin in Grafton County District #1 the Bethlehem and Littleton area.

I'll let you look at the content for yourself, but it looks to me that there is more substance and leadership here than what Walt Havenstein is campaigning on.

Donna Devlin Is Running For State Rep. Grafton District #1. From what I've seen Ms. Devlin looks like she will do a quality job for Grafton District #1  

 I hope that she wins.










Pushing Too Hard. 

It was right here on that I reported of the substantial tax liens placed on the Great Northern Paper Mill in East Millinocket, Maine which is now owned by Cate Street Capital of Portsmouth,NH.

Everyone has their position(s) on taxation but on this particular case I felt the officials in Millinocket were "pushing too hard" especially against a company and long-term employer that was struggling to keep moving. As I recall, some of the respondents to my blog didn't have much sympathy for the plight of Great Northern Paper instead they sided with Millinocket and the tax liens. No Jobs Here. Millinocket was trying to get the money, now they'll likely get pennies.

Well guess what the bureaucrats, functionaries and their elected officials are going to get with their tax liens?

More than likely cents on a dollar and then after that nothing.

Great Northern Paper announced a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and has begun liquidating it's assets. This is what happens when "they push too hard."  There were once hundreds of good paying jobs. All gone. Replaced with taxation and press releases.

I find it interesting all these press releases and ideas in New Hampshire involving creating jobs and economic development, including all those wonderful "grants." But somehow these press releasers including Gov. Hassan never talk about tax reduction because all they want is the money.

It is a version of "us v. them."

New Hampshire innovation economy.

Yes indeed.


What Is Walt 2.0?

Since it has been released I've been really wondering what Walt 2.0 is all about.

Wow this website is really bad!!!! 

But let's move on from this. I'm not getting much feedback about the Walt Havenstein campaign about what it's actual plans are for New Hampshire. Backing by the Republican establishment isn't a plan either. The only real comment I'm hearing is that Walt Havenstein is pulling a Richard Nixon, "Vote For Me I have a plan."

Alot of NH voters are turned off by tactics like this.


A former CEO works the ideas. I'd ask candidate Havenstein what he thinks about 1 in 7 NH residents being malnourished.


Not Feeding New Hampshire

Previously, and months ago I had done some reporting on the NH Food Bank and the important work that it does in New Hampshire. Yesterday, I learned that my unnamed employer has made another donation to the NH Food Bank and that it was done in either conjunction and/or consultation with Feeding

At first I thought this was going to be yet another non-profit, do gooder under the banner, "food for the hungry."It's not my impression as to what this is. Actually, I think this website has some interesting information about hunger, food nutrition across the U.S. and here in New Hampshire.

And then it dawned on me... Gov. Maggie Hassan caters and campaigns to the achievement class in New Hampshire

Neither one of the Gubernatorial candidates has said anything about hunger or poverty in New Hampshire, and what they propose to do about it. And these are statistics that exist, daily.

Neither one has said anything.

Gov. Hassan was here in the north country recently and she gave a wonderful, well received speech about her ideas involving the "innovation economy"and how achievement like STEM moves New Hampshire forward. I'm thinking that Gov. Hassan is so busy achieving and catering to the achievement class that the shelves at the NH Food Bank and the people that depend on this don't actually even exist.

1 in 7 are malnouished in New Hampshire.




Solving Real Problems. 

In response to my blog below about the $15.00 an hour wage increase, Troll who I'm assuming is a Democrat touts the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area as a model of how this could work effectively.

I don't agree.

This is an interesting UTUBE video that I found that actually solves problems instead of "just throwing money at it." Which is what the Democratic Party and it's candidates often propose to do.

While I'm talking about solving problems. If the Democrats were truly interested in improving the plight of the minimum wage worker and the underlying economic depravity they would be considering policy in such areas as trade agreements, foreign trade, federal grants for job creation, real workforce training and improving schools through enhanced and better education, education and real life skills like chess.