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Right To Know Leases. 

I've never filed a 'right to know' request. Previously, I had considered filing one at the Business Finance Authority or BFA relative to the Balsam's bailout or whatever it's called. I'm still on the fence on this idea.

Well, of course this weekend I'm out railfanning and hear of another questionable, state contract.

This one would be for the state owned rail line from the ME/NH border through Crawford Notch to on or near Whitefield, N.H. This is the former Maine Central Mountain Subdivision that runs from So. Portland, Maine to St. Johnsbury, Vermont.Right To Know State Leases: Crawford Notch Rail Line.

I don't deal in rumors. But my sources tell me that the state is looking to lease operations on this segment of track to a freight rail operator and that the state did not advertise this lease, but instead "hand-picked" potential applicants and went from there. I haven't checked with anyone at the state about this, but if there is any truth to this rumor--something is wrong.

So I may be filing a right-to-know about this rail lease.


Finding Kaisch

Former Representative Charlie Bass has a really good article in the Concord Monitor newspaper about his reasoning for supporting candidateJohn Kaisch.

I think incredible does this material justice. Not only the idea but the underlying leadership of Rep. John Kaisch. I don't know very much about Kaisch but I will on Monday as the time is now running short!

Do you see any of these other candidates rowing against the ingrained defense establishment the way Rep. Kaisch did? (See article about the B2).

Why Do We Need To Spend Billions On This Aircraft?




Blaming The Billions. 

This morning I got a response to one of my blogs that really floored me:

"If you actually listened to her you would know that she is a constitutionalist. Obamacare is a massive Federal Government program that lost Billions of Dollars just tring to get it started. and the bleeding continues today. Carly has emphatically stated that the States are responsible for the health and welfare of the citizens. So send the States the money and let them handle it." - Bob DeMaura, NHInsider.

This is ultimately about candidate Carly Fiorina and her support for withdrawing from Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act which has already been implemented, successfully in New Hampshire.

If you notice Mr. DeMaura doesn't say where or how these billions have been lost, or how the "bleeding continues" this is just a hide behind the argument that billions have been lost so we should leave Obamacare. Compare the billions that have been lost by heathcare providers pre- Obamacare and unaffordable health premiums because of the billions that have been paid out in claims and executive bonuses by insurance companies. Billions of dollars.

"Carly has emphatically stated that the states are responsible. So send the states the money and let them handle it." Here are some FACTS:

"Of the $35,782,469 awarded to New Hampshire, $1,270,874 was awarded to New Hampshire heatlh centers to help enroll uninsured Americans in the Health Insurance Marketplace."

I could go on with statistics like this such as the: "elimination of pre-existing conditions."Which, private insurance carriers would never do--they would just deny coverage.

So I'm now re-reading my original post about the garbage candidate Fiorina sent about about leaving Obamacare. Neither her or Bob DeMaura have offered what should be put in it's place or, how New Hampshire residents would have access to healthcare without the ACA. Nothing.

Blame The Billions. I say blame the GOP. No leadership on this issue.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.




Killing The Golden Goose. 

I've asked this question before and now I'm asking it again. Have you ever read something, and at first dismissed it but then after some time goes by it sinks in......

I'm following the race for Senate District #1 including the twitter feeds for the two major candidates, Sen. Jeff Woodburn and Rep. Leon Rideout. In any case Rideout often tweets along the same themes, if not brand identity: partiotism, guns, love of country, U.S. Marine Corps, more guns, flag. I think you get the point. It is what it is. I'm sure Rep. Rideout will get many votes because of this brand identity alot of voters identify to it. It's very similar to Craftsman Tools. People buy craftsman tools because they know it is a name that can be relied upon.

Let's move on.Northern Pass Is A Defining Issue In The Race For Senate District #1...

If there is going to be one issue that is important in this senate race it will be the Northern Pass. The proposal to march transmission towers to the sea. I think it's safe to say that 70-85% of the population is opposed to Northern Pass. So here is the tweet(s):

"Did having campaign donors IBEW N the room mute Woodburn's statement 2 the SEC."

"Does the Sen. stand with #North Country residents?"

And then it hit me....... 

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is one of the most powerful unions in the country including its financial support for Democratic candidates including the political endeavors of Gov. Maggie Hassan. If you notice Gov. Hassan has never said that she is opposed to the Northern Pass she hasn't even acknowleged the will of the people that are opposed to this capital intensive project.

So where does this leave Sen. Jeff Woodburn? (See Tweets Above).

I'd say somewhere between a rock and high voltage transmission tower.


Leave Carly Out. 

This morning I made my daily trip to the post office and did what I've been doing for the past two weeks: clean out the political cardstock mailers from the candidates and the special interest groups.

We'll today I got one from candidate Carly Fiorina. What a piece of absolute trash.Campaign Sends Out Garbagestock. Leave Her Off The Stage.

And after my chosen candidate Gov. George Pataki dropped out I was actually considering voting for Fiorina but after reading this garbage am now moving on.

Fiorina was CEO of Hewlett-Packard during a tumultuous time with this corporation from reports I've read in the Wall Street Journal it's quite something or a feat to say how HP actually survived in not only the bust but the acquisition of basically a toxic asset in Compaq.Fiorina Was CEO of HP during a difficult time. Her political campaign seems like real garbage.

So why am I dropping my interest in Fiorina?

One reason: OBamacare.

In bold lettering on the garbagestock Fiorina wants to back out of Obamacare. She doesn't state any alternative(s) or even a decisive reason why she wants to do this. Where are Americans supposed to get access to healthcare Ms. Fiorina? (Haven't found an answer on her website eithier). 

Apparently, she has done very poorly in the Iowa caucuses hence the reason for the networks to drop her.

With the garbage her campaign is sending out. Good move here.