Steven J Connolly


Why Senate Bill 30 Is Bad. 


This is very much of a idea in progress. But it's a letter I'm thinking about sending my local state representatives about this proposed legislation:

I'm writing to you to express my concern about the impacts to New Hampshire if Senate Bill 20 is passed into law.

As you may know Sen. Jeff Woodburn has introduced Senate Bill 30; legislation that is primarily designed to restructure the Business Development Authority (BFA) to allow this state agency to increase it's state loan guarantee ceiling to as much as $25 million dollars. The specific reason(s) for this are to create a way for the Balsam's Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, NH to gain financing so that the now closed hotel can re-open as a full scale resort area.

The intent of this legislation is a mistake for several reason(s). The first is debt. As you unboundedly know, New Hampshire is currently experiencing a substantial budget deficit which is causing essential programs in numerous areas to be reduced and/or eliminated. I'd question any proposal for New Hampshire to grant a loan guarantee that exposes the state to a loan of this size that would have to be paid in the event of a default. Especially, for a non-essential project like a resort. The second reason is risk. I think facts demonstrate that the Balsam's hotel hasn't turned a profit since 1962 and with mounting financial losses the hotel was finally closed in 2010. I'd question whether it is the role for the State of New Hampshire to support a risky project like this. The last point is precedence. If Senate Bill 20 is passed and this project is granted, would it not open the door for other risky state loan guarantees like this one, including the possibility that the state might find itself in the resort ownership business including it's substantial loan payments to a privately held bank. I don't see anywhere in the state constitution where it states that state government exists to manage the risk borne by private for profit corporations.

It is for these reasons that I request that you oppose Senate Bill 30.




Letting "Them" Decide. 

“Contravenes fundamental principles upon which our Republic was founded.”- Quote from Boston Globe article.

Today I read and re-read an interesting article in the Boston Globe that captures what I think is the means of government and governance in New Hampshire.

The article had nothing to do with New Hampshire but the point(s) made most certainly do, baiscally this is a case of letting "them" decide what is best for all of us. And what "they" decide is more often that not--a means to serve them and their friends. Petroleum Has Been Loaded Onto Ships In Portland Since Whale Oil Was Created. They have decided this shouldn't be done anymore.

South Portland, Maine which is quickly becoming a bedroom community of snobby, swanky and wealthy Cape Elizabeth recently passed a local ordinance restricting the loading ship borne vessels with petroleum. Something that has been done in this port city since the creation of whale oil in the era of sailing ships and Moby Dick.

"They" decided in "their" wisdom that this restriction will prevent Tar Sands from Canada from being loaded onto ships at this port city. The whole matter is ending up in litigation. The Portland Pipeline Corp. is now appealing in Federal Court with the quote above.

Situations like this are happening everywhere. "They" decide something, cloud it with how it is helping society in general and in the process millions of dollars of tax base and jobs will be lost.

Meanwhile centralized government grows powerful and stronger.

Plutocracy defined.



Money And Intellect

"Through Money, democracy becomes it's own destroyer, after money has destroyed intellect."-Oswald Spengler.

The Democrats in New Hampshire are a "team." More Spending For New Hampshire. Disastrous Consequences.

They all want the same thing: to spend money lots of it. And not once have I heard, or read, anything of the consequences of this spending or anything of an admission or analysis of where it all leads.

And it does lead somewhere, a place that history has repeatedly shown is very bad.

Gov. Maggie Hassan, the New Hampshire Democratic Party and even liberal writer, gadfly, Susan The Bruce all make the same unworthy arguments that: "New Hampshire isn't funded correctly."

They don't care what they destroy in the process.

Feeding Time. The Democratic Vision For New Hampshire.




No Bother At All. 

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."-Joseph Paul Goebbels.

The newswires certainly didn't waste much time in filing lots of lies.

The nation's governors, in Washington, are "concerned about roads, schools."I turned it off when they got to the Gov. Hassan part. Neither The News Media Or Gov. Hassan Will Waste Any Time About Reality In New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a state that has enacted and unnecessary gas tax increase while promoting a boondoggle of a rail project that pushes that granite state towards either bankruptcy or higher taxation.

New Hampshire schools do not fare any better: per this proposed capital 2015 budget all capital expenditures for NH schools is slashed by at least a 1/3. No improvements, no roof replacement or conversion to wood pellets that would save millions of dollars in heating oil.

I'm sure the press is following Gov. Hassan in Washington. Don't bother trying to ask her what is really going on at home. They don't care.



Going To Where. 

The news media is reporting on Gov. Hassan's upcoming three day trip to Washington, D.C. where she will do such things as visiting the White House and give a speech to a political group where the "public is not invited."

Gov. Hassan must have a very positive presence in the Statehouse that can be my only rationale for what all of this really means. Of course there has to be alot of political speculation about a possible campaign for U.S. Senate, but what comes after this?

Is this why no one in the Statehouse is saying anything critical of the Governor?

Right now I'm reading a well-written three part series in the Caledonian Record newspaper about heroin addition and what it's real costs to society are. Vermont has fully acknowledged all of this and is using what resources it can to respond to these issues.

New Hampshire is doing next to nothing. For example the average waiting time for rehabilitation (heroin) is 6-8 months, if the patient has insurance most of them do not. From what I'm reading often times the overworked state case workers sends or encourages "patients to go to Massachusetts for treatment."

I guess this goes on and on. I'm sure Gov. Hassan will have a good trip to Washington, D.C.