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Hosmer Hears A Who

State Senator Andrew Hosmer has some interesting paragraphs in the Union Leader, either today or yesterday.

He talks about the state budget being held up by political financing efforts by the Koch Brothers. Is this absurd or what. The state budget and it's continuing resolution are being "held up"because of the corner office and the failure of Gov. Hassan to do the job that she was elected to do.

It would be interesting to see if Sen. Hosmer can produce audited financial statements or even copies of checks payable to sources in New Hampshire that are supposedly used to hold up the state budget process.

I think this story gets even more interesting.... Sen. Hosmer makes an arguement against the Koch Brothers. I'd question whether this is supportable.

Also, I read somewhere might have been in the Concord Monitor that Sen. Hosmer is on a "short list"to be considered to run for Governor in the event that Gov. Hassan moves on to bigger and better things. I'm surprised Sen. Hosmer isn't touting the "innovation economy" and how successful it's been in New Hampshire.

But I will say this. At least the state Democratic Party is considering if not positioning for the next elections. Running for Governor requires alot of long-term strategy and financing. So at least they ( NH Democratic Party) should be given some credit for at least creating this "short list" of possible candidates.

What is the NH GOP doing?  What Is The NH GOP Doing?



Small Steps. Big Results. 


Below is a "cut and paste" from a recent edition of the Portland Press Herald newspaper. The very idea of this demonstrates alot. It shows how small ideas can move into larger geostrategic projects and, more importantly, it shows that when public officials actually do their jobs positive things can really happen.

I've said this before, and continue to witness it here in New Hampshire. A project like this could not happen because of politics and "fifedoms." This is unfortunate but this is the reality.

While we're on the subject of transportation: Gov. Maggie Hassan's nominee to be DOT Commissioner..... Massachusetts qualifies as likely the most "corrupt, backward transportation agency in the U.S. if not the world." And Gov. Hassan nominates one of their leaders to come to New Hampshire!

Portland Press Herald Article (Editorial Board).

What started three years ago with occasional visits from an Icelandic container ship is blossoming into an international relationship that could write a new chapter in Portland’s maritime history.

It started when Eimskip made Portland its North American headquarters, using recently upgraded facilities on the eastern end of the harbor. That terminal is now connected to the nation’s rail system, allowing Eimskip to bring cargo from Europe and reach any part of the country, and return loaded with American goods. It will also be the site of a cold storage facility that will facilitate more trade.

But this relationship goes beyond shipping. An Icelandic businessman, working with American partners, is planning a marine-focused business incubator which would give entrepreneurs the tools they need to bring ideas to the marketplace. The group is bidding for state bond funds earmarked for creating ocean-related jobs, and in talks with the city to lease the transportation shed at the Maine State Pier.

And the ties go deeper: The University of New England and Southern Maine Community College are partnering with the venture, called the New England Ocean Cluster House. UNE sees it as an opportunity to use work done in its marine research and pharmaceutical labs to bring commercial products to market. SMCC students will have opportunities for hands-on learning.

And the University of Southern Maine has an agreement to provide legal and financial information for the incubator entrepreneurs. A delegation of 10 representatives of USM will be going to Iceland in October to develop more opportunities for cooperation.

These relationships may have started with shipping, but they have grown much broader and deeper. Researchers and entrepreneurs will be working to develop ideas and products that could someday replace the declining groundfish industry that was Portland’s lifeblood for generations.

And perhaps the most amazing part of this story is the level of cooperation that the relationship with Iceland has formed on this side of the Atlantic. City, state and local government agencies have worked together alongside private business, colleges and universities. This is how things are supposed to work, but it happens so rarely that it stands out.

If Portland’s waterfront again becomes its economic engine, the arrival of the first Eimskip container ship will be where the story began.


Gatineau Change. 

The word change in conjunction with politics always has an interesting meaning. To me this means that one special interest group prevails over another and the group that desires the 'change' is now given the emphasis.


As I've reported Canada will have elections on October 19th. Incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking re-election. I'm researching a number of candidates that will be opposing him in his bid.

One of these is Tom Mulcair, the chairman of the New Democratic Party of Canada. A central theme of his political campaign is change.

So far I haven't been able to locate much substance about what this 'change' might entail for Canada. Previously, I've reported about some of the issues involving low oil prices and the falling value of the Canadian dollar, "the loonie." Two questions I'd ask Mr. Mulcair:

- Would you encourage the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates to increase the value of the canadian dollar?

- Your background seems very strong towards the environment and it's protection against development, what is your position on expanding Hydro-Quebec and selling this power supply to places like New Hampshire?

I'll do just a basic explanation of the candidate, there is alot of material out there as he has been in provincial and federal politics for some time. Tom Mulcair is a native of Quebec (Laval), holds citizenships in both Canada and France, is an experienced lawyer by trade and I think his largest achievements have been improvement(s) to highways across Canada including Autoroute 25 which involved substantial infrastructure improvements and tolling the road between Montreal and Laval.

Will there be change in Canada come October 19th?




To Investigate The Cate. 

The Portland Press Herald newspaper had an interesting article that I'm hoping really has some sharp teeth to it. But unfortunately, I'm at the ten look-sees for the month, so, I've only able to report some partial information here.

As I've reported here the historic paper mill in Millinocket, Maine closed throwing hundreds of people out onto the bricks and roughly 43% of the local communities tax base went out the window with the workers. Poof. Up in smoke. Hopefully This Reported Probe/Investigation Will Shed Some Light Into What Happened In Millinocket, Maine.

The question now is: Did any of this have to happen? I say that it did not.

The Portland Press Herald is reporting about a State Senate committee launching a probe/investigation into Portsmouth, N.H. based private equity firm Cate Street Capital, the owner(s) of the mill in question. The investigation will look into why Cate Street accepted some $40 million dollars in state grant money, for the upgrade of the mills but instead of using this money for its intended purpose-- it ended up in a complex arbitrage/broker led deal with most of the money ending up in Alabama.

A Big Bravo to the Maine State Senators that are making this happen. This is leadership and what elected officials are supposed to be doing!!!!!!

A new month approaches and I'll get another ten look-sees at the Portland Press Herald. Hopefully, there will be alot of more substance to report here. I'm thinking one word right now:





Bernies Bucket Brigade. 

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was up here in the North Country yesterday.

It was a sell-out crowd and I mean sell-out. The Littleton Opera House was at capacity and hallways all full and most of the parking area adjacent to this former town hall were filled with people.

I'd say that the Sen. from Vermont has some supporters. From what I'm reading and hearing this qualifies as probably the most popular presidential candidate "in a generation." The Caledonian Record newspaper is publishing some of Sander's ideas about changes he would make "for America." 

-Free Healhcare For All. Speech To A Sell-Out Crowd In Littleton.

-Free College For All.

-Tax Assessment On "Stock Market Speculation."

Guess socialism is growing in popularity at least in this area of the presidential cycle. I remember when Steve Forbes had a campaign event at this same Opera House. About 35 people showed up. Forbes appeared like he was "bored to death" and answered questions like he was bored. Not once did I ever hear Forbes thank anyone for showing up to this event or even what he (Forbes) would do to make things better in this country. Late Entry: The Flat Tax yes, Steve Forbes did say something about the flat tax.

Different campaigns. Different strategies.

I'd say Sen. Sanders is going to do a bit better than Steve Forbes.