Steven J Connolly


When The State Pays For It. 

This is a link to an article that happens in nearby Maine.

It involves Cate Street Capital from Portsmouth and the uses of "tax credits", "grants" and state sponsored economic development iniatives to create jobs.

More often than not it doesn't end up working out that way.



Ministry Of Culture.

I must be on a Russia kick.

Several nights ago I went and saw the Indie Film "Levithan" which was produced on or near Murmansk, Russia and partially financed by the Ministry of Culture. I went and saw it to expereince this area of Russia which is on the Barrents Sea and I've read about the region as the site of Lend-Lease deliveries during WWII by the United States to support the Russian military, the "Murmansk Runs."

Some political content in this movie much of it overshadowed by the allegations that Russian government is a Kleptocracy at all levels. Basically, it's a story of eminent domain and fighting city hall. Which, more often than not doesn't end well anyways regardless of the country that it is in.

I will do a warning though the acting, even with subtitles is very good and authentic for the circumstances; but the story really goes dark. It was so dark, at one point some elderly people ended up leaving the theatre. It's not violence, graphics or anything like this. This is a story of fighting the establishment and it's consequences. I think alot of people still take alot of things for granted, this is what I'm getting from this film.

Levithan is a good movie. I believe it has also won some awards in the Indie category.




Take Now. Ask Later. 

I'm spending far too much time on SB 30 and the Balsam's Bailout bill. I guess it bothers me to the point that I'd never imagined in a million years that this legislation would ever get this far. And since it's rare that that the full house rarely overturns a committee report, this legislation is one committee vote away from passage.

New Hampshire is a state that is running a $250 million dollar deficit. New Hampshire is a state that can't afford to repair it's "red list" bridges and New Hampshire is a state that is now being to forced to cut and eliminate any state program that is even moving.

Yet this SB 30 boondoggle and its $28 million dollar loan is somehow moving forward.

And it doesn't get much better, trust me on this. I'm from northern NH and hear all types of things "on the street." Here is a good one: Withdrawal of millions of gallons of water from the river with no compensation to those affected.

The Balsam's and it's developers have submitted applications in both Vermont and New Hampshire to withdraw millions of gallons of water from the Androscoggin River for their snow making operations. This water withdrawal will affect everything from watershed to the operation(s) of at least two hydroelectric dams on the same river.

You'll probably never guess how much money the Balsam's developers have offered to compensate these "affected parties." You guessed right.

Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Zero.

Let's hope House Finance can put an end to this...... quickly.


NH Kleptocracy

I'm reading a good book right now, it's called Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha.

It's a survey type of book basically covering the rise to power to the current geopolitical position of Russia on the world stage. Not a difficult book or one that requires alot of in-depth knowledge of history or international relations, the later which I think it the main problem with alot of academic writers which Dawisha is.

The author seems to have a deep seated dislike of the subject matter and/or person it's difficult to get away from theme of corruption, politics and ultimately kleptocracy.

Parts of this book are really making me think of New Hampshire and what the Democratic Cabal is trying to do in this state. Gov. Hassan and this "innovation economy" these are just words that are used to describe prefrence, achievement and ultimately kleptocracy.

State Kleptocracy.

Good Book Lots Of Quality Material. Made Me Think Of The NH "Innovation Economy."






More Bad Bailout. 

Note: It's my understanding that that the Municipal and County Government has withdrawn from Senate Bill 30 and it's now been moved and amended to House Finance Committee with a hearing set for next Tuesday at 1:00pm in Reps. Hall.

It's a do-nothing amendment too. From statements I'm reading that the "state will only be held liable for $20 million" instead of $28 million.

What's a few million among some serious flaws?

This is a letter to the Editor that I'm working on (DRAFT).

To The Editor:

Legislation is moving forward that could prove disastrous to the future of New Hampshire.

Senate Bill 30 is a state sponsored bailout of the Balsam's Resort in Dixville Notch. Sponsored by Sen. Jeff Woodburn, this allows a state loan guarantee of $28 million dollars to be used to finance a project that is completely surrounded by speculation, risk and unanswered questions.

SB 30 is bad politics of the worst sort. New Hampshire faces a budget deficit of $250 million dollars, essential programs like bridge maintenance and human services are being cut and eliminated. Yet Sen. Woodburn wants to finance an upscale luxury resort or in his own unsubstantiated words, "revitalize this historic landmark and the economy of Coos County."

Senator Woodburn needs to get sent to the rail.