Steven J Connolly


Questions Trade Mission

This is a draft of a letter to the Editor that I'm working on to send to Caledonian Record newspaper. I think New Hampshire Business Review deserves alot of credit for doing the digging and asking the question(s) that they did to bring this issue to the light.

I hope that Gov. Hassan is held accountable. But time will tell.

To The Editor:

Recently, Gov. Maggie Hassan sponsored a trade mission to Turkey. It's purpose was to expand trade opportunity and jobs for New Hampshire.

Gov. Hassan's office stated that trade with Turkey had increased by as much as 22%, while the facts now show that this number was calculated by oil trains that move through NH from North Dakota enroute to refinery in St. John, New Brunswick.

Gov. Hassan flies over to Turkey at taxpayer expense, claiming a 22% increase in trade where there is no increase in trade. I'm sure Gov. Hassan talked passionately and tirelessly about 'innovation' and it's many advantages to the granite state.




Scott Brown Can Win. 

I've just spent the last four days dealing with unpleasant, unhappy and frustrated people. It was quite a challenging experience, but somehow I survived.

This experience also gave me some insight believe it or not as to how Scott Brown can win the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate and possibly go on to defeat the incumbent Sen Jeanne Shaheen.

Watching the "herd" mentality in a retail envionment gave me alot of insight into how alot of voters are actually thinking, or not thinking depending on how the following question is considered:

Why would any NH voter not want to vote for Scott Brown in a Republican Primary? And Why Not? Where Is The Arguement That Scott Brown Would Not Be Effective?

-Is it because he is from Massachusetts? How many people will actually go to the polls and vote this as a reason? I don't think many at all. So far the only ones I've heard kicking, screaming and whining about this are all leftists and members of the Democratic establishment that want Sen. Shaheen.

- The Brown opponents grow weaker by the day. Sen. Rubens showed some initial promise, but I think his planks and campaign statement(s) show that he isn't listening to anyone except his paid consultants. This might work if the campaign was able to back the campaign with substantial ad buys-- this doesn't appear to be case. Lasty, with his position(s) has Rubens even given a Republican voter something to think about? I'm thinking themes that resonate about GOP core values? This leads to Sen. Bob Smith. To this point what exactly is he selling to the voters especially stacked up against the Brown campaign, that is now hitting all the demographic groups: veterans, grassroots, etc. In the minds of the NH Republican voter how much thought is going to go into this choice of candidate? It will come down to the ad buys 15 second promises.

Of which Scott Brown has these other two candidates already well defeated.

I wish the voters would do some more "due dilligence" and research into the candidates and actually demand more from these same candidates before committing to the actual vote. They don't. And this is only going to get worse, I think Facebook "likes" actually has more emphasis than a candidate appearing at an Old Home Day. This is regardless of what Scott Brown saying that he likes the "retail politics" of New Hampshire.

Save it for an article in Yankee Magazine.

I'm putting my bets on the 15 second ad buys.





The Shoe Falls. It Does Not Matter. 

And in New Hampshire it really does not.

Lots of reporting out there about the Gov. Hassan sponsored trip to Turkey on the auspecis of a "trade mission."

I'm sure there is progress to report? Jobs And Markets For Gorham. Gov. Hassan Where Are You?

Last night I was up in Gorham which is the site of the last remaining, operating paper mill in the state of New Hampshire including it's designation as an "innovation economy."

Are there new markets in Turkey or perhaps the European Union (EU)?  Jobs for New Hampshire?

Gov. Maggie Hassan are you there?



Cryans Is Back. 

I'm at the saltmine today and on the table in breakroom is a copy of the Laconia Citizen. Actually, this isn't a half bad newspaper covering the issues in mainly Laconia and Belmont. I've been somewhat following the push and pull of the million dollar jail megaplex proposed for Belknap County. They certainly need a new facility, but the hit on the local taxbase....  And I mean a hit....

Anyone who thinks anything associated with politics is an easy business had better be thinking about this statement. It's been a long, hot, frustrating day for me so let's move on to the real point of this thread.

I'm reading the Laconia Citizen and there is a poltical section about Executive Council District # 1 candidate Mike Cryans who also incidently and politically, is running for re-election to be Grafton County Commissioner for District #3 which is the Hanover-Lebanon area. And as you might imagine the article is quite complimentary about Cryans and his second attempt to convince the voters as to why he should be an Executive Councilor for District #1. I'm reading on hoping (objectively) that the article would move into the substance of what it is to be an Executive Councilor from this area of New Hampshire, and this entails alot. Another Attempt For Mike Cryans For Executive Council.

The article didn't do this. Similar to listening to Laura Knoy on NHPR after three paragraphs in the Citizen I had to stop, there just wasn't anything except for Cryans:  I,I,I, and Me,Me,Me, and "I'm like Ray Burton." then more I,I,I and: "my wife wants me to run for this office again."

I've only met candidate Cryans one time and he reminds me of a ruthless lawyer version of Joe Biden. Very personable, very interested in talking to you about your ideas but in the dimly lit background the reality is that this is a human being that can't be trusted.

Not only has the deal already been cut but your focking life is being held is collateral.

Did I also tell you that politics is a life or death business or as Ray Burton used to tell me many times:

"You live by the sword and you die by the sword."





Getting A Lock On It. 

The primary is some weeks away but yet some of the politicos like on WMUR are stating, inferring or suggesting that incumbent Gov. Maggie Hassan almost has a lock on being re-elected to the corner office.

I'd definately agree with this.

Again, I've previously reported through my own direct experience that most people are: "Content with the way things are running in New Hampshire." Running against any incumbent is always a challenging proposition but even more difficult if the incumbent can't be pinned with anything that has gone wrong.

What exactly has gone wrong in New Hampshire? A Lock On The Election? What are her opponents doing to defeat her campaign? And do NH voters even care?

The increase in the gas tax is now in effect, gas prices have now gone up. I paid $3.68 a gallon today actually this is up from $3.57 about two weeks ago. I'm paying higher taxes, and what I'd term the 'tourist premium'as the gas marketers know that summer tourists are here and will pay more.

If NH Gubernatorial candidates were going to catch political traction on anything wouldn't you think it would be on something like increasing (gas) taxes? I have as yet to hear of anyone complaining about higher gas taxes in New Hampshire.

I also think there are enough weaknesses in both the GOP Haverstein and Hemingway campaigns. Ranging from "flip flop"statements on UTUBE to having some actual experience running a large organization like state government. Hemingway for example calls himself an "entrepreneur."It takes more than mastery of twitter feeds and "likes"on Facebook to be able to demonstrate this leadership.