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They See It. 

I this and had to post it. This is a precis of an editorial from today's edition of the Caledonian Record Newspaper.

"New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan was elected two years ago amidst serious fanfare. She was described by members of her own party as an intelligent politician capable of navigating the rough waters of the Obama recession. After watching her for a couple of years, we think New Hampshire voters were sold a bill of goods." 

- Editor, Caledonian Record Newspaper

New Hampshire voters were sold a bill of goods.

 I'll still state this... If the New Hampshire Republican Party and it's two candidates in Walt Haverstein and Andew Hemingway can't do better in getting a message out to the voters of this state then Maggie Hassan and her sales pitch is going to be there for another term.

Get to work NH GOP.





Not Enough Strength.

As I've said in a previous post I'm experencing issues in trying to download photos onto this blog. I decided to make an attempt to download of a video to see what this leads and if it is the same result. It might be apples and oranges here in a troubleshooting guide but I've tried everything else I can think of.

Today, I read the really good article about Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway by Drew Cline in the Union Leader, what sticks out is the balance and Mr. Cline can see both the strengths and weakness of this candidate to serve in the state's highest elected office.

This is a UTUBE video from Granite Grok that shows Mr. Hemingway, and I think also demonstrates what Mr. Cline is talking about. I'll now add my own ideas and biases here. Mr. Hemingway has an excellent presentation on why the Gov. Maggie Hassan "innovation economy" really is an example of "Skittles and Rainbows." It's too bad that as a candidate that he couldn't just run with this against the power of expereince, organization and the incumbent advantages of Gov. Hassan re-election campaign.  

But he can't.

Then Hemingway says something I can't either follow or support, "That true liberty is found only through Christ." To me this evokes images of corrupt, lying Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart and all the other preechers quoting gospel. But many people actually do listen to these messages, donate substantial sums of money so perhaps Hemingway does have a valid basis here?

I'll close this out by attempting to post the video of candidate Hemingway below. I'm not a Gov. Hassan supporter but I'm still not willing to hold my breath or even hope that she can be defeated come November. It takes alot to run an effective political campaign in a race such as this.



The Powers Of Advertising. 

I'll start this blog out with a short comment. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing in the next several weeks, currently I'm not able to download any photos onto my blogs and I've spent and done everything I can think of to try and resolve this.

Rather than be frustrated I'm going to step back and I'll look at it again in two weeks. Much like NH politics alot can happen in two weeks!

That out of the way I'm now convinced that the "power of advertising." is much greater towards success or failure in a political campaign than just about anything else. Of course it's money that also pays for the advertising. For example, I recently fell for and was sold by a very slick advertising campaign:

I was reading the New York Times Magazine which covers all the new book releases that are coming out. The writing and gloss here is really top notch. And of course a book, "Capital in the 21st Century." catches me and it's well written including the idea of this book. Basically, it a continuation of Daniel Yergin's Commanding Heights and how commodities like oil change the marketplace, countries and ultimately the world.  I'm then thinking this will be a book about the strength of evolving and newly powerful economies like Dubai and how this wealth has transformed the world and the movement of capital that influences the world.

Like I said I bought into the New York Times Magazine and I shouldn't have. Capital in 21st Century isn't about the 21st century or anything to do with capital and finance like I've described. Actually, I think of the 200+ plus page book I only saw oil and petrochemicals mentioned 5-6 times and even then it was in a supporting role, not the major role as it should have been. Instead this is a book about slavery and how the use of slavery impacts economies and builds wealth over time, alot of which impacts the 21st century. As an example the author cites, with effective evidence facts about slavery in the south and how this created a viable, advancing economy for the then newly formed Confederacy. And the author moves on from there all the way through industrialization and the capital structure it has created using labor as a basis and building foundation.

I don't buy into this theory. And this book is still hard to read. I think someone that works with statistical analysis on a daily basis would also find this difficult. For example, the author will cite slavery progress statistics and then talk about a scene in Quentin Tarrentino's movie, Diego Unchained. Haven't seen the movie but apparantly it's about a renegade, outlaw and a violent effort to free some slaves.

Enough about the book in the New York Times Magazine, (I'm sure they made a good sales profit though.) But I'm now thinking about political campaigns in New Hampshire and the ads paid for by Scott Brown vs. incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. How many voters are going to buy into one of these campaigns simply by what they've seen on television or a glossy photo spread in a magazine?, well-written of course.

The end result here: is not which campaign has the best campaign, but which campaign runs the best ads and has the best copy writers? If this is the case I don't know which campaign will win. They both seem very qualified in these areas. 

Thanks for reading my blogs NHInsider see you in two weeks, hopefully!!!!!!      




Caliphate Cool. 

This morning I'm reading the international news looking for updates as to how the western media is attempting to portray Russia's Vladimir Putin.

I think regardless of the media propaganda and fabrications Vladmir Putin still come out on top. My own speculation (emphasis added) is that it would be most interesting to find out if the surface to air missile used to down the Malaysian airliner were actually manufactured in China?

Politics is interesting like this.

Let's move on... 

I didn't find anything about (above) but a word captured my eye. I read that: "ISIS is trying to create a caliphate in Iraq."  I'm thinking what exactly is a caliphate? Is this a form of governance? Perhaps something very sophisticated, that possibly we should be doing here in New Hampshire?

Here it is: Creation of a Supreme Ruler: title taken by Mohammed's successors as secular and religious heads of Islam.

I'm not a supporter of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan and I'm not a supporter of Walt Haverstein either, and I don't think Andrew Hemingway is qualified for the position.

But I'll stop short that New Hampshire needs a caliphate.  



Questions Trade Mission

This is a draft of a letter to the Editor that I'm working on to send to Caledonian Record newspaper. I think New Hampshire Business Review deserves alot of credit for doing the digging and asking the question(s) that they did to bring this issue to the light.

I hope that Gov. Hassan is held accountable. But time will tell.

To The Editor:

Recently, Gov. Maggie Hassan sponsored a trade mission to Turkey. It's purpose was to expand trade opportunity and jobs for New Hampshire.

Gov. Hassan's office stated that trade with Turkey had increased by as much as 22%, while the facts now show that this number was calculated by oil trains that move through NH from North Dakota enroute to refinery in St. John, New Brunswick.

Gov. Hassan flies over to Turkey at taxpayer expense, claiming a 22% increase in trade where there is no increase in trade. I'm sure Gov. Hassan talked passionately and tirelessly about 'innovation' and it's many advantages to the granite state.