Sen. Gallus could work harder.

In today's edition of the Manchester Union Leader there is an article which I think defines why Rep. Martha Mcleod should win this senate race. It was a fairly short article but the substance and positions of both the candidates is the difference between real issues and real people. And in northern New Hampshire real people vote.

Senator Gallus seemed very interested in discussing issues like bonding for electrical transmission systems and creating a state authority charged with economic development and jobs in northern New Hampshire. Meanwhile Rep. Mcleod stated the facts: over 1000 people have lost their jobs, many families go without health insurance and change in needed in northern New Hampshire.

Real People. Real issues with change that is definately needed. I think it's interesting that Sen. Gallus talks about economic development and jobs but his campaign, which appears to be non-existent south of the Berlin-Gorham area doesn't even mention or discuss how exactly he would create these jobs. Electrical transmission systems and economic development authorities are lofty ideas but not reality. I've also never seen Sen. Gallus campaigning on his own. Somehow it seems Executive Councilor Burton is always present when Sen. Gallus is in town.

I'm also dissapointed in the performance of Senator Gallus on Senate Bill 306. For a prime sponsor of this legislation I think he could have worked alot harder. I attended the public hearings on this legislation. Not only did he not advance any real coherent arguement on why this bill should be passed as soon as the legislation faced opposition simply displayed the attitude: "oh well at least I put in a bill." Senator Lou Dellasando sponsored a similar piece of legislation that also appeared doomed and it was but instead of just giving up he continued to practice what I think is great statesmanship.  

I don't always agree with Rep. Mcleod especially on Cannon Mountain but I respect her interest in Senate District 1 and her thoughful analysis on many issues. Senator Gallus has had enough time to be the voice in the Senate for northern New Hampshire. I can't think of a single piece of legislation or a major iniative that has been done for this area since he has been in office.