Is this how it is done?


Just finished reading the article in the Manchester Union Leader about the V.P. candidate Palin rally in Laconia with at least a half an hour of dead time and candidate for Governor Joe Kenney was not allowed to speak.

Not allowed to speak.

The article said that the decisions had been made in Washington and nothing, or apparantly nothing could be done. A half and hour of dead time and nothing could be done. Really. What would have happened if Sen. Kenney had in fact gone up to the stage and made a few remarks and perhaps "rallied up the crowd." After all it was a half hour of dead time.

I think in this case middle management and the political handlers just made a complete error that could have been resolved with a cell phone call to Washington, D.C. I also think Mr. Cullen could have shown some leadership in possibly doing just this- a phone call. Dead time.

Instead nothing was done. Sen. Kenney never spoke. I've heard some say that his campaign is so far behind that this really doesn't matter. It does matter. Leaving a half hour of dead time shows mismanagement and poor communications.

Is this how it is done?