So is it going to happen.

Just finished reading through the list of Legislative Service Requests for 2009. With all the issues in New Hampshire I expected to find something earth shattering. I just didn't. I'll admit after the two vote defeat of the casino legislation in the Senate in the waning days of the 2008 session I'm looking for another casino LSR. We'll see what happens. But if what I think is going to happen in November it might be pointless to suggest a casino LSR has any chance this session. What is the projected state budget deficit now-- some $200 million.

Speaking of the Senate does anyone have any projections on the races. I'll only have one prediction. Senate District 1. Incumbent Sen. Gallus against Rep. Martha Mcleod. I'll put this one at a Gallus defeat. And one less vote for any casino legislation or at least this was the case when I contacted Rep. Mcleod last spring about SB 306-FN. "Senate Bill 306-FN was put on the table by the Senate and since the Senate is no longer in session it is not available to support or oppose." she said.  I think Rep. Mcleod is going to win because she is working at her campaign and catches traction better than Gallus in regional issues such as the Bethlehem landfill and economic conditions in Berlin. I have yet to see a Gallus for Senate sign or any ads in the newspaper. Its October.

The Maine county directly adjacent to northern New Hampshire is Oxford. It is my understanding that this November the residents there will vote on a referendum to allow casino development in this area of Maine. I'd make the arguement of how this would help the tourist based economy especially in a place like Sunday River Ski Area in Bethel but this doesn't seem to add up to votes or public support.

But if this referendum does pass......