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Berlin, NH smokestacks being imploded/blown up!

This is a video from UTUBE that really concerns me. It was taken last fall. Its the demolition of the former Brown paper mill in Berlin, New Hampshire. The stacks were imploded. What really bothers me about this whole situation in addition to the fact that over 600 people have lost their jobs is that I now understand a certain individual pressed the button exploding these stacks thus ending an industry that has existed in Berlin since at least 1895 and very likely longer.

His name is George Bald and he is the Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED). That's right Commssioner Bald drove a state vehicle up from Concord and used state time to help destroy an industry, jobs as northern New Hampshire changes from prosperity to poverty.

What could be wrong with this picture?

Commissioner Bald who recieves a salary in excess of 100K a year is often prasied for his long-term experience.

What exactly does this mean? What has Commissioner Bald done for New Hampshire?