Introduce a LSR.


In November 2007 I asked then Rep. Martha Mcleod (D-Franconia) to consider legislation and/or a LSR directed at needed economic development and jobs in New Hampshire.

It didn't go anywhere.

If Rep. Mcleod had been elected to Senate District #1 which I thought was a given I was planning on asking her office to consider this again. I'm not sure what Sen. Gallus is planning on doing this session.

November 17, 2007

To: Representative Martha Mcleod.

From: Steven J. Connolly

RE: Legislative Service Request (LSR).

Relative to economic development, tax base expansion and the
improvement of railroad transportation in northern New Hampshire.

The Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) as the lead state economic development agency, and the North Country Council (NCC) as the primary regional economic development agency would be required to create an economic development study that would be defined by the following:

A study of the economic impact of the development of at least three but not more than five casinos in areas of northern New Hampshire in immediate need of economic revitalization and taxbase expansion. This study will include the following comparative statistical analysis from 1998 to 2007.

-Per capita crime statistics.
-Tax base and property valuations.
-Tourism and gaming revenues.

Conway, New Hampshire. Tunica, Mississippi.
Laconia, New Hampshire. Biloxi, Mississippi.
Littleton, New Hampshire. Kansas City, Missouri.
Berlin, New Hampshire. Bethlehem, Pennsylvana.1
Groveton, New Hampshire. Verona, New York.
Gorham, New Hampshire. Blackhawk, Colorado.
Stewartstown, New Hampshire. Cornwall, New York.
Bethlehem, New Hampshire Bettendorf, Iowa.

The study will also include the following:

1. The market feasibility of scheduled intercity Amtrak passenger trains from Montreal and Portland, Maine via the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (SLR) to tourist and gaming destinations in northern New Hampshire. This would be similar to the operations of the pending start-up of the Amtrak Atlantic City Express Service (ACES).

2. The feasibility of using NH state loan guarantees or tax incremental financing bonds
for the construction of gaming facilities and allow operations of Amtrak intercity
trains into the Berlin and Groveton areas. In addition to the preservation and
improvement of existing SLR freight railroad operations.

3. A summary of the current Bethlehem Steel Mill revitalization in Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania including market forecasts. (Scheduled opening late 2008).

4. A listing of what the above states are doing with their taxes, fees collected from
gaming and the related policy positions are for these expenditures.

End ###

1 There is currently no gaming or casinos in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The former
Bethlehem Steel Mill is being converted into a casino and related type of real estate
development. (See enclosed information).