Canada is near New Hampshire.


This is to anyone on NH Insider who continues to believe that casino development in New Hampshire is not a good idea.

Read the sections about revenues and tourism.

Canada made this work and we can too.

The Société des casinos du Québec is entrusted with the mission of constructing and overseeing the management of Québec's casinos.

The Government of Québec's primary objectives are to create employment, equip the province with world-class tourism infrastructures, generate additional income for the province and recover the substantial sums of money Quebecers spend in casinos outside Québec.


The mission of the Société des casinos du Québec, a public corporation, is to oversee the systematic and effective operation, management and development of the province's casinos, thereby maintaining their role and recognition as tourist attractions that provide their various clienteles with a unique gaming and entertainment experience through innovation, diverse offerings, and the utmost in courteous customer service.

Main responsibilities:

  • To set the corporation's policies and oversee their application.
  • To assure the consistent application of the corporation's high quality standards governing both the operational and administrative aspects of gaming.
  • To maintain links between the corporation's various business units.


The Société des casinos du Québec has established an organizational structure and senior management team made up of accomplished individuals with a well-defined strategic vision and in-depth knowledge of the daily realities of casino operations and the key issues and considerations related to local tourism.

The Société des casinos du Québec attributes great importance to the quality of the food service and entertainment offered at its establishments. Its employees, selected among the graduates of the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), include renowned chefs and sommeliers (wine waiters and waitresses).

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Economic Spin-offs

Québec's casinos quickly forged an enviable reputation throughout the international gaming industry. They are characterized most notably by their architecture, by the importance they attach to offering exceptional customer service, and by the beauty and quality of their sites.

A few figures...

  • Number of jobs directly created: over 5,500
  • Number of visits* per year: over 10.7 million
  • Number of visits to the casinos by visitors from outside the province each year: over 2million
  • Sales for 2007-2008: $790.4 million
  • Earnings for 2007-2008: nearly $291,5 million

Economic Spin-offs for Québec

In addition to paying significant dividends to the Government of Québec, the casinos generate economic spin-offs for the entire province.

The establishment of the casinos required major fixed capital expenditures. Operating the casinos involves the creation of employment, both directly and indirectly, as well as the purchase of goods and services, 86% of which have a place of business in Québec.

Finally, other economic spin-offs can be attributed directly to the casinos' presence in Québec. In fact, the diversification of their activities led to the addition of hotel and entertainment services that have helped increase the number of clients from outside Québec and to stimulate economic development in the province.

* Including all visits (by tourists and non-tourists)

Tourism Markets

The percentage of patrons from outside Québec is estimated at 19.2%.

  • The Casino de Montréal is one of the world's largest casinos. It currently welcomes 18,100 visitors per day. Le Cabaret, the casino's entertainment venue, gave 396representations last year and sold 115,703tickets.
  • Together, the Casino de Charlevoix and Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu have become two of the most popular destinations among tourists from Québec and elsewhere.
  • The Casino du Lac-Leamy – Hilton Lac-Leamy Complex is one of the region's key attractions. This resort is home to a casino, a hotel, restaurants and bars, a spa and a convention centre. Le Théâtre gave over 98 representations last year and sold over 41,054 tickets.

When Loto-Québec was first mandated by the Government to open casinos, it was to promote economic development in the province by developing new international tourism markets, while offering new services to the local population.

In 2007-2008, Québec's casinos generated $790.4 million in gaming revenues, 22% of which was from clients from outside the province.

The Société des casinos provides world-class lodging, food and beverage services, and superior quality boutiques in an effort to foresee the needs and surpass the expectations of its various clienteles. Recipients of numerous international awards and honours, Resto-Casino's personnel contribute in a major way to promoting Québec as a prestigious tourist destination.

Restaurants of the Highest Distinction

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of its employees, Montréal's Nuances and Lac-Leamy's Le Baccara restaurants were awarded the coveted CAA/AAA Five Diamond rating.

Internationally acclaimed chefs, including Frédéric Bourse of Italy, Rémy Giraud of Val-de-Loire and Thierry Breton of Paris, have honoured these restaurants with their presence. In fact, epicures the world over are becoming increasingly interested in the delectable offerings of these fine establishments.

Under the direction of executive chefs Jean-Pierre Curtat at the Casino de Montréal and Denis Girard at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, the casinos' restaurants attach special importance to using seasonal products from Québec whenever possible.

The Restaurants

  • Over 1,065 people work in the restaurants and bars managed by the SCQ.
  • More than $55.3 million was spent acquiring supplies of all kinds.
  • $13.3 million in foodstuffs were purchased for these establishments.