I'm glad Vlacich is leaving.

Senator-Elect Jeanne Shaheen has announced her staff. The state director will be Mike Vlacich who is currently Director of Economic Development for DRED.

I've never liked Mr. Vlacich. For starters I don't think he is qualifed to be in the position. I think the past two years is clear evidence of this. Consider Coos County.

In 2005 I contacted Mr. Vlacich to see what his position(s) were about paper manufacturing were in NH and what he was doing to preserve and build this industry. He never returned my letters or my calls.

To my knowlege Mr. Vlacich has never done a single thing in business. His only qualification seems to be is that he is a former political director for Gov. Lynch. I didn't like his predessor either, Norman Storrs. He reminded me of a fraternity brother.

It should be interesting to see who gets nominated for this important position.