Questions for Grant Bosse.

This is a list of questions I submitted to the Grant Bosse for Congress campaign in May 2008. Mr. Bosse never responded. Apparantly Mr. Bosse has a new position as an investigative reporter for the Bartlett policy think tank. Interesting position.

I think Mr. Bosse received about 8% of the vote in the Republican primary.

1. The papermills in Berlin, Groveton and Gorham have either closed down entirely or are facing a reduction in capacity. Do you think a member of Congress should be concerned about economic development and jobs in northern New Hampshire? Congressman Paul Hodes has sponsored the Northern Border Redevelopment Act to invest in northern New Hampshire to create jobs. Do you support the Northern Border Redevelopment Act?

2. Do you support the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)? Do you support the by-passing of western U.S. ports via the Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico and the upgrading of north south U.S. highways which has been termed the “NAFTA Superhighway”?

3. Would you support increased expenditures for Amtrak and the upgrading of railroad lines in the northeast to allow for high-speed rail development?

4. Would you support the development of casinos in New Hampshire? Would you support amending the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to allow casinos and gambling inside established Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ). (19 CFR 1-199).