Samuel de Champlain.


This past weekend I picked up a really good book at Border's in Concord.

It's called Champlain's Dream by David Hackett Fischer.

I've just begun but the book clearly centers on the Northeast and the vision of Champlain to build a Grand Design for France's colony. An exerpt from the book, "But we remember Champlain as a great explorer. On foot and by ship and canoe, he traveled through what are now six Canadian provinces and five American states. Over more than thirty years he founded, colonized, and administered French settlements in North America."

Champlain was in New Hampshire. "The French continued south to a "baye longue" between two capes and a long stretch of sand beaches on the present coast of New Hampshire." "The next morning they found themselves in the Massachusetts Bay near the present day Boston. The indians were welcoming and wanted to trade."

Bon Chance.