The Decision in District One.

Just about two years ago I decided to run for my former State Representative seat in northern Grafton county. When I had served it was Grafton County District #1 Bethlehem, Littleton and Monroe. Times change. Today, it is now Grafton District #2 which includes the towns of Bethlehem and Franconia. I think the current district is best known for one of the state's largest landfills and Olympic skier, Bode Miller. But the real story here isn't about this race, its about northern New Hampshire and what is going to happen this fall.  And without getting into a discussion about what it takes to run for a position that pays $100.00 per year in a small town I drifted through the Republican nomination simply because I was the only Republican on the ballot. I think the high water mark on my campaign was when I was interviewed by the local newspaper and asked to give my plans if elected to this office. My plans were all related to economic development and needed jobs in northern New Hampshire and I was able to discuss issues ranging from casino gambling to foreign trade zones, the reporter did a good job while my opponet who was interviewed later that afternoon I thought appeared to be the pro Lynch, support Cannon Mountain and education for all, candidate. So I thought the voters at least would have a good choice: economic development and jobs or more of the same.

I was sitting in the local restraunt as WMUR announced the major races while the state representative races were flashed across the bottom of the screen. I knew from the polls this was no time to be drinking champagne and was I ever right. Times had really changed. My score about 26%. And my opponet was Rep. Martha Mcleod.

The voters did the right thing. Though I don't agree with many of the positions of Rep. Mcleod since that time I've come to respect her analysis and knowlege of not only the issues in northern New Hampshire but her response to both constituants and local town governments. This is quality.  So my question is and the real story is: In November what is going to happen in Senate District #1?  Is Senator Gallus vulnerable?