A credible candidate for Governor.

I'm still over here at the Portsmouth Public Library. On the tables in the main lobby they had these small newspapers called The Wire which is a mixture of local news, politics and topics like art, movie and food. It sort of reminds me of the small free newspaper The Hippo which can be found in Concord.

In this edition which is dated 12/24-12/30 there is an article by Matt Kanner called "taking the reins." Its about former Governor John H. Sununu becoming the next chairman of the state Republican party. Nothing controversial in the article it was pretty much how the elder Sununu does not like Governor Lynch and how the current chairman Fergus Cullen gets out of the way to make this happen.

Then I stumbled across this "But Cullen regrets that the party failed to nominate a stronger gubernatorial candidate to challenge Lynch who won in a landslide over Republican state Sen. Joseph Kenney. "We failed to recruit a credible candidate for governor here for the second election in a row. That was something I wish we'd been more successful at." Cullen said. 

So does this mean the NH Republican party did not support Sen. Kenney at all?   And why is this?

Failed to recruit a credible candidate. What exactly is the definition of a credible candidate? A candidate that has the ability to pour money into a campaign? A candidate like businessman Craig Benson. A candidate that alot of people seem to like? A candidate like former Senator Bruce Keough.

During the primary and more noticeably in the general election Senator Kenney himself confirmed what was said in the article in issues ranging from campaign financing to the rally in Laconia where every candidate spoke except the candidate for Governor.

So I'll return to the question again what and who exactly is a credible candidate for Governor?

"Cullen said he's not sure what he'll do next but vowed to remain active in the party."

With a performance like this what could his role be? The definition of credible might be a start.