Gaming markets for New Hampshire.

This is a video from MSNBC showing the market conditions in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though not encouraging for Las Vegas, I think shows some of the market potential if the gaming legislation were to pass this session. And these reasons are: transportation, tourism and the proximity to the marketplace.  Las Vegas, Nevada isn't close to anything except southern California. So if transportation is factored in the casinos and condos like Boyd Gaming Eschelon and the extravagant City Center could as well be in the middle of the desert.

This isn't true for New Hampshire. As but one example, a recent edition of Business New Hampshire magazine features an article about the Upper Valley of New Hampshire including areas like Hanover and Claremont. One of the points that came across in the article is that Lebanon lacks suitable convention space for groups larger than 200-300 people. I've said it before I think that gaming could fit in very well with the existing tourism base that exists in New Hampshire now and into the future. Just look at Lebanon!  

The entire Northeast could become a market area for New Hampshire if this legislation were to pass. New Hampshire is closer than Las Vegas and offers more for the tourism dollar. Imagine international flights into Manchester-Boston airport.

Imagine what increased tourism revenue would do for taxbase and the future of this state.