Maine Lobsters. The idea.


Today I got caught in traffic at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle. Lots of traffic especially down route one. I’ll bet if Sean Mahoney gets elected he’ll get some transportation funds for the seacoast, I’m confident the two lawyers won’t get anything.

So the situation is this: I’m trying to break into the left hand lane. Right in front of me are a couple of puerto rican homies driving a classy Peterbilt 379 EXHD and a 53’ Great Dane Super Seal. I’m staring at the shiny aluminum doors, at the outline of my black 2009 Subaru Legacy contemplating aggressive traffic strategy but my mind is still drifting with thought: Is the 53' empty? or, what is the load?,  and where did it come from? And then the strategic idea comes…

Live Maine Lobsters. Because delicious is a taste that will go anywhere. LA, Washington, New York, Japan. But then again these could be New Hampshire lobsters, but do New Hampshire lobsters have the same appeal and market potential as the Maine ones? I really don’t think so. Maine does a better job in the marketing and selling of its lobsters and it shows. The Great Dane inches slightly forward, a dignified and proud looking animal set in white against the jet black mud flaps is now moving. This looks like progress! And finally, with this as the inertia the traffic in my line breaks through sending a cascade of vehicles onto the rotary just past the state liquor store. The 53’ Great Dane breaks for the second right and on to the I-95 northbound ramp leaving me with the question of whether these puerto ricans have an E-Z Pass for use just past the aging Piscataqua River bridge.

Maine does a better job in the marketing and selling of its lobsters than does New Hampshire. Imagine a New Hampshire politician having a press release stating that the state would do a better job in promoting and marketing its lobster industry. And yet another board of commission could be created, I’ll even name it: “The New Hampshire Lobster Promotion Board.” And just who might be appointed to this board?

I think the pool of appointees should be drawn from the NH Gaming Commission and the NH Rail Authority as these individuals are supposed to know something about the way of life in New Hampshire.

They must know something about lobsters as well.