Jennifer Horn is running for Congress.


Sure anyone can read the media accounts of the reasons for her campaign but these same reports even state that the Horn campaign is in debt from the last campaign cycle. In debt, no experience in serving in public office, an experienced field of opponents and what I see a complete lack of grassroots organization on the ground.

Why is Jennifer Horn running for Congress?

I remember when Republican Bill Hatch ran for Congress in the 1990s. I didn't support his campaign or his ideas but I did admire the analysis his campaign did on the viability of his message, campaign tactics, etc. against the then incumbent opponent Rep. Dick Swett. In short, Hatch did his homework before he made the decision to run for Congress. I think it was quality work.

What has Jennifer Horn done?

I had considered writing a letter to the Editor of the Caledonian Record Newspaper where I'd question the whole validity of the Horn campaign mainly by stating her lack of experience and some of the issues in this area including Coos County. As a aside, I think if Berlin keeps having these structure fires the city won't have to worry about economic development and revitalization. It will all be on the ground. It reminded me when I was in Hamburg, Germany near the city center and the entrance of the U-Bahn station that is still heavily scorched from the fire bombing that was done by the allied air forces. At the time Hitler stated that the cities "will be easier to rebuild." I don't think Jennifer Horn will make a statement like this about Coos County. A Coos County that I understand former Representative Charlie Bass is now building grassroots organization for his possible campaign for this seat.

Perhaps Jennifer Horn is actually correct. It makes political and economic sense for her campaign to plough forward go deeper into debt to ultimately appeal to a conservative voter base that exists in the Second Congressional District; and theses votes will be enough to power her campaign through what I think will be a very expensive general election. But my question still exists: does Horn have the experience to be an effective member of Congress? I say no-- but then again  I remember when Dick Swett first got elected, I think he was 34 years old and my experience is that once he was elected he really changed alot in his general attitude and demeanor.  And not for the better.

I hope Jennifer Horn doesn't get elected to Congress.