Does Local Control Even Matter?


Earlier I spoke of recent development in the New England railroad industry that I think will lead to economic development and jobs across the region.

Here is a twist to this idea. This is a video about an important water aquifer in Ayer, Mass. which apparently represents about 60% of this communities clean water supply. This is a tour of a project to pave over this aquifer for an automotive unloading facility for Ford Motor Company. The sponsoring company in this case is Pan Am Railways. And since its on the Patriot Corridor, the owner of the railroad line itself Norfolk Southern Corporation.

What is interesting here and a fact that I didn't know was that there is another automotive unloading terminal not far from this aquifer. Which as the video shows is leased and now closed by another railroad company, CSX Transportation. I understand that the Ford automobiles that were once unloaded in Ayer are now unloaded in Framingham, Mass along the railroad mainline that is owned by CSX.

Why is this new terminal over an aquifer even needed?

The video also states that local advocacy groups "have exhausted every legal option." to stop this new terminal from being constructed and I sense the frustration by lack of action by government officials that are supposed to be regulating activities like these.

Does local control even matter?

Source: UTUBE.