Progress Without Taxpayer Capital


This is a video I lifted off UTUBE showing a special business train that ran on October 5th. The train was from Pan Am Railways and was intended to tour this railroad system for executives, elected officials, transportation investors and et. cetera.

I believe the occasion is to show the completion of the work on what is known as the Patriot Corridor a major componet of which is the railroad line that stretches from Mechanicville, New York east to about Ayer, Massachusetts. What is significant here is that two companies, through agreement, have invested substantial capital into the rehabilitation of this railroad line to allow trains to move faster and more efficiently into the New England area. Pan Am Railways is the operator of the line while the larger Norfolk Southern Railroad is now the owner of this railroad line. Both companies clearly have an interest in this railroad line being successful. This is good for New Hampshire because the PSNH Bow unit coal trains use this line to bring in coal for electricity. And the trains are frequent. Another very positive aspect of this whole project is that:

Taxpayers did not pay a dime for any of this to happen.

This is quality because not only does New England get a better transportation system the more effective movement of commodities and finished goods will help many businesses be more competitive, lower costs and in the long-run hopefully create and preserve jobs across the region.

I've attended meeting of both the NH Rail Revitalization Association and the Vermont Rail Council. And the ideas and discussion usually moves in one direction: grant money, stimulus money and ask the congressional delegation for an earmark. The requests are usually in the millions of dollars. And more often than not neither of these groups has a coherent business plan showing how this taxpayer capital acually leads to economic value and jobs. And millions of dollars is requested.