Kindling Starts A Fire


Why is Jennifer Horn running for Congress?


I’ve asked this question and I’m asking it again.

An example of my frustration is the guest editorial that appears on this very board. All the issues facing New Hampshire and the Second Congressional District and Ms. Horn writes an article about being a Republican.

Where is the substance to this campaign? During the last campaign cycle, at least in northern New Hampshire, Horn used her campaign capital attacking Congressman Hodes and stating in well worded press releases issues of national security. Issues of national security are important, but this does not define what the candidate would do for the Second Congressional District and New Hampshire. So where is the definition of what Jennifer Horn would do for the Second Congressional District?

In politics I think it’s easy to stand on the sidelines and criticize candidates and what they are or are not doing. I’m sure Ms. Horn does have strategic reasons for running for this office and this will be borne out through the campaign process. All I can say that I have not spent a great deal of time researching the Horn campaign and what it stands for. This is my fault but I would still feel better if Ms. Horn would use her journalism and communication skills to talk about issues that are at ground level in the 2nd district. As an example: the Republican candidate could write a guest editorial about Coos County and some of the challenges in this area of New Hampshire.

Sometimes when I get frustrated about New Hampshire politics I start thinking about Vermont. Today I started thinking about the upcoming ski season which I’m excited about including a scene I’ve seen a couple of times during my ski adventures to Killington, Sugarbush, Stowe and Jay Peak. The scene usually happens after a great ski day is over, the sun is setting over the mountains and the cold and dark of night is starting to set in. I’m getting my ski boots off, sore and into my car to head back to NH. I stop at a small local store, usually in an old wood frame building and out front there are wire bound bundles of kindling wood for sale, small piles. Think matchstick wood. And the price:  $11.50 plus 6% VT Sales Tax, worse yet is that Killington has a 1% Local Option Sales Tax. So give or take. $12.20.

This is kindling defined.   

More interesting are the individuals that purchase these matchsticks and load them into their cars: nice cars like shiny BMWs, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Volvos and the Snabbs. I’m sure this bundled kindling will be most helpful in starting a useless fire in the nice slope side condos that are in the area.

This video on UTUBE made me think of this 23 wooden pallets he couldn’t get rid of.  But throwing the Qualcomm on the floor. Not good.

Source: dieselducy.